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Do These 4 Things Before Sleeping For Getting Sound Sleep During Pregnancy

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Pregnant women must do these three to four things while sleeping at night to get a lot of benefits.  By doing these things you will get sound sleep, the development of the baby in the womb will be good, the weight of the baby will increase well inside the womb. When you follow these tips you will not have to urinate again and again at night while sleeping.  The cramps, the stiffness in the feet and the strain that causes the sleeplessness will not happen to you.

Sleeping well at night is very essential. If you do not get the good sleep at night you will feel tired the next day. You may have headache and you will not be able to do anything properly, you will not be able to eat properly. This can cause acidity and constipation. So getting a good sleep is highly important during pregnancy. So let us understand what are the three four things you should be doing when you’re going to bed at night.

So the first step is to massage the sole of your feet with oil before going to the bed. Any oil you can use, coconut oil or mustard oil or olive oil but if you go for desi ghee, this is highly beneficial for you.  It only takes 2 to 3 minutes to massage your feet. You can press sole with your fingers, this will relax you more.

compression socks

Second thing you have to understand that after the massage, you do not have to stand up immediately. This is because your feet are oily, there could be the chances of falling down. So to avoid it, you should be wearing socks. There also comes compression stockings for pregnancy, you may use it for better results.

This will also improve your blood circulation. In case you have any problem of hypertension or migraine you will also get benefit with this massage. So this massage tip is highly important for you during pregnancy. It will give you a sound sleep and your overall experience of pregnancy will be enhanced.

The next thing you have to understand while sleeping is you should be using pillows. While sleeping most of the pregnant women complains about the back pain, so try to keep one or two pillows at your back. Try to keep one pillow in front of your stomach that is to support the baby bump. Also you need to place some pillows in between your knees so as to avoid any sort of the inflammation.

sleep pillow for pregnancy

So this pillow technique will actually resolve many problems like back ache, support for your baby bump,  reducing any inflammation to your knees. Pregnancy pillows that are specially designed for sleeping comfort comes in market, if you have budget you may try them out for better solution.

This will also improve the blood circulation and the blood will go properly to the baby for the overall development of the baby. Also in this you have to understand that you should be sleeping by your left lateral side. Avoid sleeping on your back or on your stomach. For the most of the time you should be sleeping by your left hand side turn. In case your body demands to take a shift, you can switch to right literal side.

sleeping more in pregnancy

But it is always good to sleep more towards your left literal side. When you are sleeping in this position of left lateral side, the blood circulation will be good. There will be less pressure on your heart. Due to the good blood circulation the blood reaches to the baby properly. The baby gets the oxygen and the nutrients in right manner and the development of the baby is not hampered.

The next thing you should be doing before sleeping at night is to drink lukewarm milk. In that lukewarm milk you can add two or three strands of saffron, you can also add protein powder. If the winter seasons are going, you can also add a pinch full of turmeric in it. So when you drink a cup full of lukewarm milk before going to the bed, this will give you immense benefit. You have to drink this milk sip by sip. This will resolve many problems. It will give you sound sleep also it will resolve the problem of leg cramps that are very common thing that happens during pregnancy.

protein powder for pregnant women

Now many pregnant women report of frequent urination and this is a terrible thing at night because it disturbs your sleep. For this it is always good for you to stop drinking water after 8:00 p.m. Do not drink too much water after this time because this will create a problem for you. You will have to urinate at night when you are sleeping. In most of the articles we suggest woman to drink water at least 8 to 10 glass full of water per day. Try to drink at the daytime, avoid drinking more water in the evening time.

Also we tell that drinking coconut water is highly beneficial during pregnancy. But most of the pregnant women do mistake like they are drinking coconut water anytime during the day this is not good for you. This will not benefit you. The coconut water that is drunk before 11:00 AM in the morning only will give you benefit.  After that the benefit of drinking coconut water will be negligible. So if you really want to take all the benefits of coconut water, you should be drinking it before 11:00 AM in the morning.

If you will drink coconut water late in the evening or at night, this will create urge to urinate more at the night time. This is because coconut water has diuretic properties. So avoid drinking coconut water after 11:00 AM in the morning.

So these are few tips that you should be doing whenever you are sleeping at night during pregnancy to enhance your pregnancy journey and for the better development of the baby inside the womb.

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