Due Date Calculator : Know EDD from LMP, Months Weeks of Pregnancy and Baby Weight

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What is Pregnancy Calculator 

It is natural to be worried about your pregnancy. Which month is your pregnancy, how many months have passed, which week is going on, baby’s weight and many such questions related to dates and times. Because it is very important to know them so that you can keep your pregnancy healthy by taking appropriate steps at the right time. But the problem is that the mathematics of all these is a bit complex and not everyone wants to do so many calculations. The easy solution to this is Garbhgyan Pregnancy Calculator. Here you just have to enter the first date of your last menstruation and all the important dates will automatically appear on the screen. Isn’t it so easy, just select LMP and get all the details. EDD means Expected Date of Delivery i.e. your method of delivery, month, week, trimester, how many days are left for delivery, height and weight of the baby. Know everything in a few seconds.


Know about the ovulation day and your fertile window to conceive  


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