Saffron or saffron milk during pregnancy – Does it make baby fair in womb

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It is very important for you to know why women consume saffron or saffron milk during pregnancy. When you should start consuming saffron, when to avoid, what is the limit, what all benefits you will get and the considerations. In this article you will know all these things. 

Saffron is also known as a golden spice. saffron is valuable and has many properties. But during pregnancy, you should check on the limit according to the season. If it is very hot weather, like in summer season, then you have to keep many things in mind before eating saffron. During pregnancy, the temperature of your body remains elevated by one degree centigrade. In such a situation, saffron which is of hot effect to be  consumed in limited amount as it can give more undue heat to your body. This could lead to contractions and can put you at risk of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy and pre-term labor in the third trimester. So in such a situation it is important for you to know that when should saffron be consumed during pregnancy.

 First of all, let me tell you that you do not have to consume saffron at all for the first three months of pregnancy. Because saffron is hot in nature, it can give you undesired contractions. Only when you are in your fourth month of pregnancy, when your pregnancy and baby stabilises, your uterus becomes strong, only then you have to consume saffron. 

In summer,  take only two to three strands of saffron per day and in winter maximum use 5 strands of saffron per day.

How to make saffron milk: Just take 1 glassful milk and keep it for boiling. Same time put saffron strands into boiling milk. Let the milk and saffron boil together for 3 to 4 minutes and then turn off the flames. Let the milk becomes lukewarm or cold whatever you prefer but avoid drinking hot milk during pregnancy. Saffron milk is ready now drink it just before going to bed. 

Saffron milk is beneficial for you in pregnancy. If you take it at night, just before sleeping, it will give you a lot of benefits. First, it gives you good sleep, it controls your blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease and most important it plays great role in relaxing your muscles and relieve you of pregnancy problems like leg cramps and muscular pains. If you have a problem of bloating, you get cramps in the stomach or if you take a lot of stress, then it can be very beneficial for you.

You should drink saffron milk at night. If you have a lot of heartburn problem, your throat keeps burning again and again, then you can drink saffron milk even after waking up in the morning. For heartburn, keep a glass of saffron milk in the fridge at night and drink this milk just after waking up in the morning. Apart from this,  you can eat saffron in any form in vegetables and in pulses. 

Before consuming saffron, you have to keep in mind 2 things, quantity and quality. Quantity we have already told but make sure the saffron you using should be of A1 quality and good for pregnancy. Saffron is precious and so sometimes available as duplicate or fake in the market. Make sure your saffron is original and pregnancy safe. You can check this out to get good quality saffron. Click this pink link.

It is also said that by drinking saffron milk during pregnancy, the baby in your womb becomes fair, the texture of the skin improves. However, there is no scientific confirmation of this. But this has been heard from the elders since ages. 

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