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Deficiency of Blood During Pregnancy | Low Hemoglobin(Hb) Level in Pregnancy

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In this article, we will understand what it means to be anaemic during pregnancy ( anaemia during pregnancy )or having low haemoglobin in blood (low hb during pregnancy). Why do you have anemia, what all are the symptoms, what problems will you face due to lack of blood (blood deficiency during pregnancy)and what can you eat naturally to complete this anaemia.

So it is a very important topic because this problem of anemia is a very common problem. That is why this article is very important for you during pregnancy.

What is blood deficiency

First of all, let us understand what exactly causes blood deficiency (deficiency of blood in pregnancy). In medical term it is called anemia i.e. lack of blood inside you (iron deficiency anaemia during pregnancy) .

Let us understand this a little more that normally this anaemia occurs in you during pregnancy. During pregnancy, a large amount of iron from your body also goes for the development of the child. There is a lot of iron deficiency inside your body. Iron content in body helps to make haemoglobin inside you.

Haemoglobin is a type of protein which is present in RBC i.e. Red Blood Cells (RBC). So this very important protein inside the red blood cell and should be made in good quantity. That is why there should be no iron deficiency inside your body.

It is because of iron deficiency that you complain of anemia. The problem of anemia is caused by other reasons as well, but mainly it is due to iron deficiency.

Why is haemoglobin important

Now why is hemoglobin so important? Because haemoglobin is the only thing that takes oxygen everywhere in the body. The baby also needs oxygen inside your womb for development and survival.

So if hemoglobin is low then oxygen will not reach the baby in the right quantity, baby will face problems and he will not develop properly. So for this iron becomes most important for you.

Iron as well as some other elements like vitamin B-12, folic acid, all of these together form good haemoglobin.

Problems due to anemia

So here we understood one thing that due to lack of blood, oxygen will not reach to the baby in womb. But if you still have anemia, then it becomes a big problem for you because it reduces your chances of normal delivery. For a normal delivery, it is important to have a good amount of blood inside you.


If the amount of blood in you is less then the doctor will refuse you for normal delivery. Apart from this, sometimes it can also cause premature delivery.

In such a situation, the baby is born weak, does not develop fully, mental and physical problems can remain with the baby for life.

Symptoms of anemia

  • If you are suffering from anemia then you feel very tired. Even doing a little work makes you weak.
  • Your heart starts beating fast, your huff a lot. Sometimes you may also feel dizzy. If you walk a little, then darkness starts appearing in front of your eyes.
  • Lack of blood is also seen on your face. If there is less blood in your body then your body starts turning pale to a great extent. Its first effect is seen on your face, your face turns pale.
  • The warmth of your hands and feet is also lost. Your hands and feet feel cold.

To a large extent, these symptoms that you have indicate that there is a lack of blood in your body.

How to increase hemoglobin naturally

Let’s understand some such things that you will eat and the blood inside you will increase very fast and whatever symptoms you were seeing due to lack of blood, they will slowly start getting diminished.

So we will talk about all those things which are rich in iron, vitamin B-12, folic acid and vitamin-C.

Because if you eat such things which contain all these nutrients, then the deficiency of blood and ultimately haemoglobin inside you is complete.

  1. You have to eat pomegranate. Pomegranate is very important to eat during pregnancy and you must eat pomegranate at least two to three times a week. If you eat pomegranate, you get a good amount of iron, which fulfills your anemia.
  2. Apart from this, you must include spinach and pulses/lentils in your diet as a cheap option because spinach also contains a lot of iron. Apart from this you can eat pulses. You must eat split black lentils (urad dal) and pink/orange lentils(masoor dal) which also contain all these nutrients in good quantity.
  3. You must eat jaggery(gud) during pregnancy because jaggery gives you a good amount of iron and many other nutrients. This helps in completing blood deficiency very fast.
  4. You must eat beetroot. In beetroot also you get all these nutrients in good quantity and remove your anemia.
  5. There are some seeds like Amaranth/Royal grain (Rajgira/ramdana), black sesame seeds(black til), you get all these nutrients in very good quantity inside them. You must consume these seeds.
  6. If you are eating roti/bread then try to add ragi to it. Ragi is also called Manduwa. So whenever you are making rotis, add a little ragi flour to it. Ragi flour will heat a little in summers so add a little less, in winters you can add a little more. So this also removes the hemoglobin deficiency in you.
  7. Apart from this, you must consume milk during pregnancy so that there is no deficiency of vitamin B-12 in you.
  8. To increase your immunity, you should consume plenty of Vitamin-C. You get Vitamin-C from many fruits like orange, lemon, indian-gooseberry(amla), all these are citrus fruits, you will get a good amount of Vitamin-C in them. The immunity inside you will also be strong and along with this the deficiency of blood also gets fulfilled to a greater extent.
  9. Soak a handful of raisins before going to bed at night and eat these soaked raisins after waking up in the morning. You get all these nutrients in very good quantity and your anemia is fulfilled. If you drink the water of the soaked raisins, that too will be very beneficial for you.

Avoid these things in anemia

When you are anemic, you have to do a little bit of abstinence. For example, you should leave tea and coffee completely. They are not good at all and can give you iron deficiency.

By the way, you can normally drink a cup of tea or coffee per day but not more than that. But if you have this deficiency, then avoid all these things completely. Instead of tea and coffee, It would be better if you drink soup.

If you drink tomato soup, it is very good and it also helps in increasing your hemoglobin level in blood.

So this article was about anemia, about low hemoglobin. Otherwise, if you have any such deficiency, then you must consult your doctor. Share this article and subscribe to our blog for free so that you do not miss any pregnancy related information. Thanks for reading.

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