Identify Labour Pain And Tips To Reduce Labor Pain

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In this article you will understand about labour pain. How you have to identify the labour pain and when it starts, how you have to overcome this labour pain.

When Do Labor Pain Starts

So, we will start with when do labor pain starts. In the entire 40 week of your pregnancy any time between the middle of 37th week till 40th week, a pregnant women can start feeling the labour pain and it tells that the delivery is approaching and it can happen anytime.


Labor Pain Signifies Delivery Time

Labour pain is a big signal of normal delivery. In some cases this labour pain can happen before 37th week of the pregnancy or earlier. If the delivery happens at this time, that is before 37th week of pregnancy, the delivery is known as premature delivery. The baby is called “Premature Baby” and needs special attention.

How Labour Pain Happens

Now let’s understand why this labour pain happens and why this is a big sign of your delivery approaching. It is related with the dilation of the cervix. An important symptom of a childbirth is that during this time the women’s cervix becomes thin. The mouth of the cervix starts opening up. It can open up to 10 centimeters. When the cervix is ready for delivery, the blood comes out with the mucus plug. It happens because the baby in the womb slip towards the pelvic area and in such situation you start having pain in your abdomen, lower abdomen, waist, thighs and back. Problems are a accompanied with constipation and an upset stomach as well.


How Would Pregnant Women Feel

The intensity of labor pain depends upon women to woman and how they take it, feel it, it all depend upon pregnant women.  The majority of pregnant women would feel it as an intense pain that happens for almost 10 minutes without the intensity going down. This means the intensity of the labour pain remains constant for the time it is happening to you. This is a real sign of a true labour pain and this is a property which distinguish a true labour pain from a false labour pain. If it is a false labour pain, it will develop but it will dwindle or it will lower down. But the real pain that is the labour pain will remain constant for whatever time it is happening and it will happen again and again for a short duration may be for 10 minutes. So this is the way you have to identify the labour pain.

How To Reduce Labor Pain

Now we will understand how you have to reduce this labour pain. By taking some measures labour pain can be reduced to a great extent.


When the delivery time of a pregnant woman is approaching, the women should walk more and more. As much as a women walks the pain of the delivery will be less. That is why your doctors would always recommend you for walking even if there is a contraction during this period.

During Delivery Right Posture Matters

Apart from this during this time try to keep yourself in a right posture for as long as possible. It is believed that standing up leads to faster delivery while lying down slows your blood circulation which makes it more difficult.

Accompany a Relative

Let someone of your own be in the delivery room because this will help you in an emotional connect. Keep the person who you are most attached to with you during the delivery. Whether it is your husband, mother, mother-in-law or sister. So that you become emotionally strong and you keep getting inner courage and you feel lesser pain.


Use of the Castor Oil

Castro oil can be used to induce labour contractions. If you want you can apply this oil on your navel that is the belly button or you can also consume it. This will help in bringing your delivery closer and it will also make the labour less painful. Consuming castor oil makes your uterus flexible and applying it on your belly button gives a quick delivery to pregnant women.


You should to start eating figs when it is your delivery time. Figs are fruit full of nutrients and it will always help you in fighting many diseases.

So when it is your delivery time approaching,  one week before the delivery,  if you start consuming figs it will help you a lot in alleviating your labour pain.

Honey and Bottle Gourd Mixture

The next is consuming a mixture made up of honey and bottle guard. To reduce labour pain drink bottle guard juice mixed with honey. After boiling the bottle guard a little, take out its juice and  add 1 spoonful honey to it and consume it the last phase of your pregnancy. This will help a lot in reducing the labour pain to a great extent.

Do Breathing Exercise

Pregnancy women must do breathing exercise. Breathing exercise are very much helpful in normal delivery and at the same time your baby will get enough of oxygen to remain cool and calm inside the womb.

Hydrate Self

Drink plenty of water. In the last phase of your pregnancy, not only in the last phase of your pregnancy but throughout your pregnancy you should drink at least 10 to 8 glassful of water per day. Ultimately the goal is to keep your body hydrated as this also helps in normal delivery with lesser pain. You can also go for basil juice to reduce the labour pain. Basil leaves juice if you are drinking one spoonful when your delivery time is near, it will help you a lot. You will notice that there is a great reduction in the labour pain.

Comb Technique

It is said that at the time of delivery if you press a comb tightly in your palm or tie a magnet in a silk cloth and hold it in your hand to make the birth of the baby easy.That is the pain is lesser.

So this was the article about how to identify the labour pain and how you can reduce it by following these tips. Thanks for reading this article on Stay connected for more pregnancy tips and information

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