6 Main Reasons For Back Pain in Pregnancy : 5 Tips For Relief

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In this article we will understand about back pain. The part below the abdomen where your hip bone joins, which is called the pubic symphysis, experiences the most pressure.

Because the joint that is between the bones is a fibrous joint. So some hormones like progesterone and relaxin, their job is to prepare your body for delivery.

So when the body prepares for delivery, these hormones move this bone. They loosen these joints. So when these joints start moving, the muscles in between start getting stuck.

pelvic bone baby

Because of this, there is a pain in the front hip bone, just below the vaginal area.

Back pain occurs due to six reasons.

Weight gain

Firstly, you are gaining weight, your weight is borne by all the bones. Your body structure is like a house, it stands on pillars, similarly the foundation of your body is your spine and your legs.

fat over weight in pregnancy

So if there is too much pressure on the knees of the legs due to weight, then the knees get inflamed. As the baby’s weight increases, you will feel its weight below, which will go around your pelvic bone till your waist.

Spinal curvature

Similarly, when weight increases during pregnancy, the biggest problem arises on the spine. Because your stomach is expanding, due to which the spine which was straight earlier starts bending. If the spine continues to become like this then the spine will develop lordosis. This inclination will also cause discomfort and back pain.

Hormonal changes and their effects

The third reason is Progesterone and Relaxin hormones. These do not work only on the lower bones. These work on all the bones, they make your body flexible. So that space is made in your spine to accommodate the baby developing in the womb, the placenta and the amniotic fluid. So all the bones start moving, become so hyper mobile, it causes pain because the nerves get stuck in between and cause back pain.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

bones pregnancy pain back

The fourth point is anterior pelvic tilt, that is, when your spine is bent, your hip bone normally remains slightly tilted towards the front. But when the stomach comes forward, the hip bone tilts more forward. So when the hip bone tilts forward, there will be pressure on the back.

Sitting, standing and walking incorrectly

And the fifth main reason is your faulty posture, that is, if you are not sitting or getting up properly. When you are sitting or walking with a forward lean. Getting up or sitting too fast also puts pressure on the waist. If you have faulty posture then your back will pain.

Sleeping in the wrong way

how to sleep in pregnancy

When your weight has increased, the baby has grown in the womb, then a good amount of its weight always falls on your lower half of body. There is a sleeping position in which you can make the pain worse. If you sleep in the wrong way like on your back, then all the weight will fall on your back and your back pain will increase further.

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How to reduce back pain ?

Get up, sit and walk correctly

Now what you have to do for this, the remedy for this is to keep correct posture, sit straight, do not bend your legs. Getting up from bed taking left turn and that to be done slowly slowly. All the agile moves has to be stopped in pregnancy.

Choose a medium hard mattress for sleeping

Your mattress should be hard. If you sleep on a very soft mattress, the mattress that sinks in and your body remains in a wrong posture for too long, then it will cause back pain. So change the mattress of your bed, use a medium to hard mattress.

Waist and back massage

You can get your back massaged. Go for a good masseuse who knows how to do it during pregnancy. You can get oils applied or can get gels applied. Also, your hip bone can be slightly upperized during massage. Make sure the message be done from a professional who knows how to do it during pregnancy.

Put a pillow under your feet while sleeping

pregnancy pillow banner

Many pregnant women sleep with a pillow under their feet. If you are lying straight and there are two-three pillows under your feet, your hip bone will flex slightly. Your thighs will bend slightly. With this, the pressure you have on the pelvic bone and the muscles pulling on the back will be reduced. So this is the way to avoid back pain. Also there are custom pregnancy pillows you can purchase from market if you have budget.

Change your sleeping pattern

Pregnant women make some mistakes while sleeping which is not good not only for them but also for the baby in womb. If you sleep on your back, the right amount of oxygen and nutrients will not reach the baby in the womb because your blood supply will be disrupted and you will definitely have back pain. To avoid this, always sleep on your left hand side. This will not cause back pain and the baby will also get proper nutrition.

So that was all about reasons for back pain during pregnancy and how to take care of it. If you liked the article, kindly SHARE it for broader reach. Stay connected with Garbhgyan.com for more such pregnancy tips and information. Thanks for reading. Stay Happy | Stay Healthy

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