Sleeping During Pregnancy – Common Mistakes Pregnant Women Make While Sleeping

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In this article we will discuss what all are the sleeping style a pregnant woman can sleep in, which is the correct style, which is the wrong style. Which positions she should sleep in and which position she should avoid while sleeping. So this information is very much important for the proper development of the baby in the womb because any wrong position can lead to some problem to the baby in the womb.

Why Correct Sleeping Position Important

When a woman is not pregnant, she can sleep in almost any of the pattern/positions she wishes to.  She can sleep on her back, she can sleep on her stomach, she can sleep right side, left side whatever she chooses. But when she is pregnant then she has to take extra care of the way she is sleeping and this information of how to sleep during pregnancy is very much crucial when it is your second and third trimester. During this period, the size of your baby increases and it is really very much important that you are not harming your baby with your wrong sleeping style.

Sleeping During 1st Trimester

So first we will talk about the first trimester. During the first trimester the size of the baby is very very small. The size is like this, that it is not even felt by the pregnant woman that there is a baby developing inside her womb. So during this period it really doesn’t matter how you’re sleeping. You can sleep anyways. You can sleep right left, on your back, on your stomach, it really doesn’t matter that much. But this is the only time when you can get accustomed with the right pattern because if you will attune yourself with the right sleeping style in this trimester only, that is the first trimester only, then you will get a habit of sleeping in the right way. And then when you have to sleep in the correct way in the later trimesters then by that time you would be habitual of correct sleeping. So it is always better that you make a habit in first trimester only.

Incorrect Sleeping Positions 

Sleeping on Back

Now let us discuss about some of the wrong positions a pregnant woman should never sleep in. The first wrong position is sleeping on her back. So guys when a pregnant woman sleeps with her back down, the whole weight of the stomach and the uterus falls on the lower abdomen area and on the back. When excessive pressure falls on these area where from the blood navigates to your heart, that really brings trouble to the pregnant women in terms of like she can have the problem of constipation, piles, acidity, difficulty in breathing, back pain and problem in blood circulation. Also it can seriously give you the problem of leg cramps. And when you are facing so many problems , your baby in the womb is also not feeling very much healthy and it also hampers the development of the baby in the womb. So it is advised not to sleep with your back down.

Sleeping on Stomach

The second incorrect position is to sleeping on the stomach. Even if it is your morbid obsession to sleep with your stomach down please change it. Because this way you are suppressing your baby in the womb. This position is really very very dangerous for your baby because somehow you’re squeezing your baby in the womb so avoid this position. This is a very harmful position as it can lead to the problem like miscarriage as well.

Correct Sleeping During Pregnancy

Sleeping Taking Right Turn

Now the third position is sleeping right sided, that is taking right hand side turn. This is a position which is not very much wrong not very much right. So intermittently you can use this position. This is not advised position to sleep in. You should not sleep right side because if you are doing so the whole weight of the uterus falls on the lever. This is a less harmful situation however than sleeping on back or on your stomach. If you are choosing this position then do not elongate sleeping in this position.

Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Finally we will talk about the right version pregnant women should always sleep in. So best position to sleep in is sleeping left side. If you are sleeping in left side it is a good sleeping position. This way you are just giving proper way to your baby to breathe properly. The proper development of your baby will happen, your baby will not feel any discomfort and this is the recommended position by most of the gynaecologists and doctors. So try to sleep in this position all the time and if somehow you feel that there is need to change the position you can take the right turn. You can sleep by your right side this is OK however this is also not advisable for long duration. Also understand that while sleeping you should bend your legs and try that you are keeping a pillow in between your two legs. This way you are just reducing the pressure that falls on your knees.

Getting Up From Bed/ Getting Down

Now let us tell you what is the right way to get out of the bed or get up from the bed. As we have discussed that the correct position to sleep in is taking your left side, so a pregnant women should get up slowly slowly from the left side only. She should not straightaway get up. She should first sit on the bed getting up from the left side and then she can come out of the bed slowly slowly by standing up. When you are getting to the bed you have to perform the reverse of this. That means you have to sit on the bed, and you have to lay down on bed slowly slowly from left side. And if you are doing this thing, awesome, there will be no sleeping problem in your pregnancy, your baby will be having ample amount of oxygen, the development of your baby will be fine, and you will deliver a healthy baby.

So let’s be extra cautious while you are sleeping, when you are getting out of the bed, while you’re getting on to the bed. Please follow the tips that we have discussed in this article. If you think that in some way this video has been helpful to you kindly subscribe to our website for more pregnancy tips and information.  Stay happy and stay healthy. Thank you very much for your visit to

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