8 Tips To Get Sound Sleep During Pregnancy | Sleeping Mistakes During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, there are lot of changes that come to women. The foetus starts growing and becoming bigger and there would be a point in your pregnancy when you will find difficulty in sleeping. While sleeping a pregnant woman has to be very very careful so that you don’t harm your baby. In this article you will know 8 tips for sleeping during pregnancy. 

During your pregnancy if you are not taking extra care while you are sleeping then there are chances that you are harming your baby in the womb. Following these eight tips you will get sound sleep. So let’s get started.

The Correct Sleeping Position For Pregnancy

First is sleeping position. The best position is to sleep by your left hand side turn. So when you are turning while sleeping to the left hand side this is the best position for you and for the baby in the womb.When you sleep this way this improves the blood circulation and also improves your digestive system. This also provides good supply of oxygen to the baby in the womb. So, when your blood circulation is good, you will get relieved from the problems of leg cramps and muscular pains.

Your digestive system will become better so that whatever you are eating, it get digested properly. The proper supply of oxygen to the baby, the baby will develop properly in the womb.

You may feel that it’s bit difficult to sleep in only one position all throughout night. Yes you are right, so better take right turn intermittently but for lesser duration. Both Left hand side or Right hand side posture of sleeping is however OK.

However, you may need to start sleeping in this position from sixth month onward when the baby is getting bulkier in the womb. But if you are starting this position of sleeping right from the first month, you will get habitual of sleeping on your left side and when it is really required in the six month above then you will not have any difficulty in sleeping in this position.

Avoid Sleeping In These Position During Pregnancy

Second point, a pregnant woman needs to remember while sleeping is that she should not sleep on her stomach or on her back. This is a very very bad position and this is not good for your baby as well. When you are sleeping on your back, it can give you back pain as well and it can also lead to problems like piles and low blood pressure.

Also, when you are sleeping on your back or on your stomach, it can also give you trouble in breathing and definitely when you are having trouble in breathing same will be having an effect on the baby in the womb. The oxygen supply to the baby will somehow hamper and this is really not a good situation for your baby.

Maintain Cushioning Between Joints While Sleeping

 The third important point while sleeping during pregnancy is that whenever you are sleeping you need to have cushioning between your two knees. You can use a pillow so that the pressure is not falling on the knees and you don’t have any joint or muscular problems. Such pillows are now easily available in the market. Check out this one 

How To Keep Acid Reflux at Bay While Sleeping 

So the fourth point to remember while sleeping is that you are keeping a pillow below your head. Now this is a technique so that your upper body is elevated than your lower body. This helps in keeping the stomach acids to the lower half of body only. This little elevation that can be added by using head pillow will keep the stomach acids away from upper body that is primarily your throat. This way you are somehow relieving yourself from the problems like acidity, gastric and heartburn. Travelling of stomach acids to throat is know as acid reflux. Head pillow helps in keeping acid reflux at bay.

So now a days there are ready made solution for sleeping for the pregnant women. There are special pillows for them that are designed in such a manner that if the pregnant women are sleeping with those pillow everything and all the aspects of sleeping during pregnancy are taken care of. But if somehow you are not having that kind of pillows,  then this video is really going to help you out and you will understand how you have to sleep and where you have to keep the pillows. In case you need readymade solution, just check this

Change To These Eating Habits For Good Sleep

The fifth point you need to understand is that you should not eat any spicy or oily or very chilly food at the dinner time because this could lead to a problem like acidity and heartburn during night while sleeping. One more thing that you need to have a very light diet at night because if you are eating very heavy meals  then as well this problem of acid reflux can also come to you.

Drink Saffron Milk Before Going To Bed

Sixth point to remember is that whenever you are going to bed at night just drink one glass full of warm milk and this is very good that if you are taking kesar or the saffron milk. Saffron milk has got immense health benefit that your baby would get during pregnancy. Not only you will get a sound sleep but it also helps in getting you the relief from the problems like leg cramps. Most people questions about how to identify and have a genuine saffron. You may check this one and take it, its really good :  Check this

What To Do For Proper Digestion

Seventh point is that after dinner do not just straightaway go to bed for sleeping. This is not good. After dinner you should go for a mild walk, that you can do inside your home or you can go outside and take a fresh air walk at night. So this is going to be very beneficial for you because this somehow will help you in problems like acidity, heartburn and digestive disorders.

Restrict Water/Fluid Intake At Night

Last but not the least, the 8th point you need to remember that at night you do not have to take lots of food like water or juices because this is going to create an urge to frequent urinate all through your night and this frequent visit to the toilet will somehow disturb your sleep. Disturbed sleep or not taking sleep for properly will make you lethargic in the coming day. Also you can get headache. That means the quality of life gets impacted when your sleep is not adequate.

Make sure you are sleeping at least 8 hours and less than 10 hours during pregnancy. Also sleeping for longer hours is not good for the baby inside womb. Throughout the day you need to drink seven to eight glasses of water and keep yourself hydrated with lots of fruit juices or fruit salad but you should not drink lots of fluids when it is coming closer to the bedtime.

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