Why NOT To Sleep More During Pregnancy | How Much To Sleep During Pregnancy

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In this article, we will understand how important is sleep for you during pregnancy, that is, you should sleep at least how much in a day. If you are sleeping less, then what harm does it do to the baby growing in the womb. Is too much sleeping harmful or not and then finally we will understand what should be the right way of sleeping.

Ideal sleeping hours during pregnancy

Feeling tired during pregnancy is very normal. Even if you do a little work, you get tired. You cannot stand for a long time. If you are sitting at one place then you feel like lying down. If you work a little, your energy level goes low. To carry all your daily activities perfectly, and for easier pregnancy journey pregnant women should sleep at least eight to nine hours per day.

How to manage sleeping hours

Sleeping during pregnancy is as important as eating healthy for you. Sound sleep is also very important for the baby growing in the womb. Let us understand in what way you can divide your sleeping hours. If you are used to sleeping even during the day, then you should sleep maximum of one to two hours during the day and the remaining hours should be slept at night. Try to take nap in day time but do not elongate it. If you will sleep more in daytime then you may struggle to get sleep at night. You have to sleep on time. Make a rule for sleeping and waking up at this time. Don’t stay awake till too late at night.

Disadvantages of sleeping less in pregnancy

Sleeping less means  if you are sleeping less than 7 hours per day then it can be said sleeping less than required during pregnancy. Now let us understand that if you sleep less then what are the disadvantages of it.

Sleeping less lead to pre-term delivery

How much you are sleeping and how you are sleeping has a direct impact on your labor and your delivery. If you sleep too little then it creates a big danger for you. Sleeping less during pregnancy can result in high blood pressure. If this problem of high blood pressure increases more, takes a serious form, then there can be a problem of preeclampsia. Due to which the chances of premature delivery increases. That is, if your baby is delivered before the 7th month of pregnancy, then it is called pre-term delivery and in this the development of the baby is not done properly. That means the development of baby’s brain and lungs will not happen in a good way and due to this high blood pressure your delivery will have to be done earlier. So, the baby may have to suffer through life if you sleep less during pregnancy.

Risk of gestational diabetes

Due to less sleep, you also become at risk of gestational diabetes . Because less sleep affects the insulin level inside your body and then it ultimately affects your blood sugar level. So to avoid the risk of gestational diabetes, you should not sleep less. You have to sleep atleast 8 to 9 hours per day.

Immune system weakens

Your immune system is also affected by less sleep. Your immunity is weakened. If you do not want minor problems like cold, cough, any problem of this type easily surround you during pregnancy, then you have to keep your immune system right.

So these were some problems you may face if you sleep for less than recommended hours during pregnancy.

Sleeping for more hours in pregnancy

You will see the similar effects even if you sleep too much in pregnancy. So neither you have to sleep less nor you have to sleep too much. If we talk about sleeping more then if you are sleeping more than 10 hours a day then it comes in the category of sleeping more during pregnancy. This also has chances of increasing your blood pressure and the oxygen supply reaching the baby is also affected. And both of these later become the reason that the child does not develop properly in your womb. So take care that you are neither sleeping too little nor too much. You have to take 8 to 9 hours of sound sleep in a day, neither less nor more than that.

Precautions while sleeping in pregnancy

Now let us understand what precautions you have to take while sleeping and what mistakes you should not make.

Correct sleeping posture

First of all, you have to try to make it your habit not to sleep on your stomach or back. This harms the baby in womb by pressurising and suppressing the blood and nutrients supply. It may not happen in the initial trimester, but when the baby grows up, there is an unnecessary pressure on it. That is why you should sleep on your right hand side or left hand side only. It would be good that the more you sleep on the left hand side, the better the supply of oxygen and blood to your baby for the growth and development.

Restrict water intake at night

To get a good sleep, do not drink too much water at night because if you do this, you will have to urinate frequently and your sleep will be disturbed. If you lose sleep again and again, you will feel very lethargic the next day, you will feel irritable and you will not feel like doing anything.

Ease your sleep

Difficulty in sleeping is common during pregnancy, for this you can take the help of pregnancy pillows which are easily available in the market. These special pregnancy pillows are designed keeping your pregnancy in mind so that all your sleep related problems can be taken care of.

So this was the whole article on how much sleep to take during pregnancy for better pregnancy journey and baby development in womb. If you found this article useful, kindly subscribe to our blog Garbhgyan.com for free pregnancy notifications. Kindly share this article for better reach. Thanks for reading.

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