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How Pregnant Women Face Tells About Baby Boy in Womb

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The face of a pregnant woman indicates whether she is having a boy or a girl.

Many ups and downs occur in the initial phase of pregnancy. These problems occur in the first three months of pregnancy. These problems gradually start ending when the fourth month of pregnancy starts.

From this time onwards the face of pregnant women either loses its glow or the face starts glowing. So in this article we will understand that if the face is glowing during pregnancy, then what are its reasons. If you are having a glowing face, then how can you predict whether the baby in the womb is a boy or a girl? Does this really happen?

During pregnancy, many changes take place in your body. Some are internal and some are external. Some women suffer from swelling problems. Some women’s belly bulges very quickly and some women’s belly bulges later. Many women’s hair becomes thin, many women’s hair starts falling excessively.

Facial changes are very common. You must have seen as the second trimester starts, women’s face glow a lot. So if we talk about the medical reason behind this, then when hormonal fluctuations occur in the body of pregnant women, some hormones increase and some decrease. Due to hormonal changes, glow may or may not appear on the face of pregnant women.

Apart from this, the second reason is that as soon as a woman conceives, extra blood starts forming in her body. Which is very important to support your body parts and the development of the baby in the womb.

In such a situation, extra blood, about 50% extra, starts getting produced in your body. When such a condition occurs when excess blood is produced in your body, then the excess blood in circulation starts making your skin glow. Your face starts turning pink. In such a situation, your skin starts glowing.

But many women do not have glow on their face. It is said that if pregnant women suddenly have a glow on their face, then it is believed that the baby in the womb is a girl. That means if your face is glowing, has become pink, is glowing. If yes then there are symptoms of having a girl in the womb.

On the contrary, if pimples are appearing on your face, your face is also withering, then there are chances that the baby in the womb is a boy.

Although there is no scientific basis for it. These things have been going on since ages, these are old wives tales. There is no scientific basis for them. So no one should make any assumption from this that it will be daughter or it will be son.

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