Itching During Pregnancy – Symptom of Baby Boy or Girl in Womb

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Itching in pregnancy – what does it indicate about pregnancy

In this article, we will understand why there is a problem of itching during pregnancy. Many women start having the problem of itching during pregnancy. Pregnant women already face many problems during pregnancy. If the problem of itching suddenly surrounds women, then they become even more irritated. Due to itching, neither the woman is able to take proper care of herself nor the child in her womb. Apart from this, some people also say that itching is a baby boy or girl symptom during pregnancy.

Reason for itching

There are 3 reasons why you may have itching during pregnancy.

Hormonal changes

When your pregnancy starts, there are many hormonal changes in your body. So what happens in such a situation that there are many changes in the body of a woman and these changes are also visible on the skin of the woman. The skin of many pregnant women starts getting dry and because of this pregnant women start getting itching problems. This is very common to happen during pregnancy. You don’t have to worry too much about this.

Stretching of body parts

Most of the itching problem to pregnant women happens in those areas which are suddenly changing their shape or size. Like you will have more itching in your stomach, breasts during this time. But if you have itching on your hands, feet, thighs, waist or even face, then this could be the reason behind it. This is beacause all these areas expand as the baby grows in womb or due to swelling as well this may happen.

Eczema problem

Apart from this, the second reason for itching during pregnancy can be eczema. Pregnant women may start complaining of irritation and itching. Many times women have the problem of eczema for the first time only during pregnancy or it may be that you had eczema in childhood. In such a situation, when you are pregnant, if you have not had eczema since then, then during pregnancy you may be surrounded by the problem of eczema. If you already have a problem with eczema, then it may worsen your condition even more during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you may find this eczema problem more in your eyes, around the lips or in your neck. Apart from this, you may have a lot of itching in the hands and feet.

So these are the 3 conditions when you start getting very itchy during pregnancy.

How To Prevent Itching

  1. To avoid this, the first thing you have to do is drink more water. You have to take care of dryness in your body or whether your body is not getting dehydrated.
  2. You don’t have to sit in the sun too much. Don’t stay in the sun, don’t go out. Make your body cool as much as possible.
  3. Apart from this, keep a good moisturizer for yourself. Apply moisturizer on your hands and feet. Before taking a bath, you should add a few drops of coconut oil in the water or you should use neem water during this time.
  4. Avoid any scented items such as scented soaps. Nowadays a lot of scented things come or there is deo etc., you do not have to use them during this time.

So if you take care of these things and keep your body well, then you will have minimum itching problem. But if you have eczema that flares up more or it is very itchy, then you have to contact your doctor immediately.

Is Itching A Baby Boy Symptoms In Pregnancy

Many claims are made regarding itching that if you start itching suddenly during pregnancy, then there is a baby boy in the womb, or if you are not itching during pregnancy, then it is a girl. So let us tell you that there is nothing like this, the causes of itching have been told to you, its nothing related to baby gender prediction.

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