Baby Boy Symptom – Vertical Line On Stomach(Linea Nigra) During Pregnancy

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Linea Nigra During Pregnancy

This article is about a vertical line that comes during pregnancy right in between your stomach. It will start from your lower abdomen and it will rise straight up vertically till your belly button and also can go beyond. This line is called Linea Nigra. There are so many things related to this line like about predicting the gender of the baby in womb.

Pregnant Women’s Curiosity

Some pregnant women may see this line and some may not see this line. There are lot of question when this line will appear, when this line will go, whether it will go or not, the color, the shape and length of this line. Is this line a special indicator of baby’s health in womb? There are lot of talk as well about this linea nigra and its relation with the baby’s gender in the womb and lot of other things we will cover in this article. So let’s get started.

When Linea Nigra Appears

This line that is known as Linea Nigra can be seen approximately in the second trimester of pregnancy. That is when your fourth month starts till the sixth month of the pregnancy. This line can appear anytime in these months. This line generally appears in between your stomach vertically up. It will start from your pelvic bone that is approximately from your lower abdomen right in between your stomach and it will go up towards your belly button. It also can go beyond the belly button.

This line can be straight, it can be little bit tilt or curved, it can be dark, it can be light, it can be thick, it can be thin. So many things are there and first of all let’s understand why this line appears.

Why Linea Nigra Appears During Pregnancy

So this line appears during pregnancy and the result is the increased in the level of melanin in your skin. Melanin is increased due to the hormonal changes that is happening in your body. Also this melanin can increase when you are exposed to more sunlight that is when you are going out in the sun. More often due to the ultraviolet radiation, this melanin can increase in your body and thus it can also give you this sort of the line. But there is tremendous increase in the level of melanin due to the more production of Estrogen hormone during pregnancy and so normally women see linea nigra during pregnancy more often.

When Linea Nigra Does Not Appear

But if you are pregnant and you are in your second trimester and still you have not seen this line, you may be anxious why this line is not appearing to you. This can happen to you and there is nothing to worry about it. Where maximum percentage of the pregnant women would see this line there is also a small percentage of pregnant women who may not notice this linear nigra, that is the vertical line in your stomach.

It depends upon the production of melanin in your skin. Also the women who are having wheatish complexion would see this line more often. If you are having very darker complexion then there is also probability that you will not see this sort of line as this will not make significant change on your skin. If your skin is white or highly fair, again there is less probability because the production of melanin will not be that much in your skin.

When Will Linea Nigra Disappear

So it’s kind of a cosmetic change that is happening during pregnancy and if you are seeing this line do not be anxious because after the delivery of the baby this line will automatically go away.

It may take a week or a month for this line to dwindle so do not worry about this line why this is happening, when it will go etc as we have told you already now.

Is Linea Nigra A Baby Boy Symptom

Let us understand a very  frequently asked question about linea nigra and its association with the gender of the baby. Whether it has anything related to the gender of the baby. There are so many things around this line like about the color of the line.

Some old wives tales would say that if linear nigra is darker in color that symbolizes that there is a baby boy in the womb while a light line would suggest that there is a baby girl in womb. So this had been the talk about the color of this line and the baby’s gender relation.

Some talks are about the length of this line and the baby gender. Some would say that if this line is lengthy that means it is going beyond your belly button that it means that there is a baby boy in the womb and in the same way if this line is there but it is not going beyond the belly button, it means that there is a baby girl in the womb.

Another thing associated is if this line is straight that again means that there is a baby boy in the womb and if this linea nigra line is somewhere tilted or curved or not straight that means that there is a baby girl in the womb.

So these have been talks around since so many years in relation with the baby’s gender and the appearance of this linea nigra however there is no scientific evidence that will prove that this is correct. As told that this line appears only because of the production of more melanin due to the hormonal imbalance in your body during pregnancy.

Is Linea Nigra a Fortune

Also there is a concern when a pregnant women would not see this line she may be anxious. So don’t always think that this will happen to you. Some pregnant women will see this line and some pregnant women will not see this line.

We have already covered this up. This is all due to the production of melanin and your skin tone. If you are having a wheatish skin tone, it will be visible to you but if your skin tone is lighter, there is less probability that you will see this Linea Nigra.

It is not a matter of pride because some pregnant women will flaunt it as a matter of pride that this line is coming to them. There is nothing of that sort. It is all because of the hormonal changes and it has nothing to do with the health of the baby in the womb or any impact on your health.

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