Second Trimester of Pregnancy Changes Everything in Women

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Most Happy Months of Pregnancy

The pregnancy journey may be full of trouble for you, however second trimester of pregnancy is bit comfortable. When you are in your fourth month of being pregnant, the second trimester starts. So, from the fourth month till the sixth month of pregnancy, it’s the second trimester.

What Changes From 1st Trimester

In this trimester, you may get comfort from most of the issues that you are dealing with within the first trimester. The problems of morning sickness and excessive vomiting that gave you bad times in the first trimester tend to get sorted on its own as you progress into your fourth and fifth months. However, it would not mean which you won’t see any troubles. Let’s understand what changes you’ll see in this trimester.

Nosebleed During Pregnancy

Some pregnant women can also experience the trouble of bleeding from the nostril. This is due to the mucous membrane cells in your nostril, that may result in nosebleeds. Nosebleeds are quite common during 2nd trimester of pregnancy so don’t panic if you see it. You can put a few saline water or drops in your nose to relieve congestion and stop the bleeding. Additionally, keeping your nostrils moisturized with petroleum jelly will be a good idea.

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Darkening of Skin in Pregnancy

Another change you may observe is to your skin. Due to the excessive development of melanin, you might notice dark patches on your face, a condition referred to as melasma. To address this, avoid direct daylight exposure, and if necessary, use sunscreen lotion while stepping out. It is important to stay hydrated. Take care of skin hygiene.

Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Many pregnant women observe stretch marks in this trimester due to the stretching of the skin as the baby grows and skin expands. Keeping your body hydrated and moisturized with lotion can help alleviate this. Do not dehydrate yourself. So you have to drink plenty of fruits juices and water.

Black Line on Stomach During Pregnancy

In 2nd trimester, you could see a black line growing in the center of your stomach starting from lower abdomen and going towards belly button and far. This line is known as the linea nigra. While there are various many old wives’ tales related to this line and predicting the baby’s gender, none of them are scientifically established.

When To Change Bra During Pregnancy

As your body expands, you would require maternity bra due to the boom in breast size. You may also observe leakage out of your nipples, indicating your body is preparing for breastfeeding. Using nipple pads may be helpful.

Urinary Infection During Pregnancy

Maintaining good hygiene is essential as some pregnant women may also report about urinary tract infections (UTI). Symptoms include ache or burning sensation at the time of urinating, a bad smell and likely fever. Increasing water intake is usually recommended and generally helps if problem is not severe, however if the problem persists, see your gynaecologist.

Sticky Discharge During Pregnancy

Sticky or clear white vaginal discharge is normal, so long as there is no smell, ache, or fever. But if you notice other discharge in color like red, green, pink accompanied with smell, itching, burning, and temperature rise then it may be infection. Do visit your gynaecologist of you observing such changes.

Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Leg cramps in 2nd trimester while sleeping are common thing. When you are sleeping, you will have leg cramps that will wake you up from sleep and give you terrible pain in your leg muscle. This usually happen when you are sleeping and the correct reason for this is not known but it is said that this happens all because all through the day you have been doing work and your muscle need to be relaxed.To combat this issue drink saffron milk, staying hydrated, and taking a heat water bathtub earlier than bedtime is a good resort.

Dental Problems During Pregnancy

Dental problems like weakened and bleeding gums and loose teeth are observed in 2nd trimester. If you find it severe, you need to consult your gynaecologist, who might also refer you to a dentist.

Baby Length and Weight in 2nd Trimester

Now, let is understand child’s development all through 4th, 5th and 6th month of pregnancy.

If you are in your fourth month of pregnancy the weight of the baby would be approximately 100 grams and the length would be approximately 4.5 inch.

In the fifth month of pregnancy, the baby will be approximately 6 inch in length and the weight would be approximately between 270 to 300 gram.

If you are in the sixth month of pregnancy the baby would be approximately 630 gram and length would be approximately 8 to 9 inches.

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Despite those challenges, the second trimester is usually less complicated compared to others.So this was all about the second trimester of the pregnancy. Hope you have liked and enjoy this article. if you found the article interesting, show the gesture by sharing it for a better reach.

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