These Mistakes Of Pregnancy Discomfort The Baby In The Womb – The Baby Feels Pressurised

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During pregnancy, unknowingly, you may do some activities that are very harmful for the developing baby in the womb. Due to some of your wrong activities the baby inside the womb gets pressurised.

So in this article you will know some of the positions in which you are sitting, you are standing up and you are sleeping that are putting undue pressure on the baby. These wrong positions and wrong way to get up or sit down hampers with the development and the growth of the baby in the womb.

The baby is very tender and very weak to sustain all these mistakes by a pregnant women. The responsibility of the well being of the baby inside the womb is all yours. So you have to understand what is wrong and what is right. So that you do not put any pressure on the baby because this could lead to pre term delivery or in worst case miscarriage.

These are the mistakes generally women do in pregnancy.

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Sleeping on stomach

Few of the women are accustomed to sleep on their stomach. If you are sleeping on your stomach, you are directly pressurising your baby. Though the baby inside the womb is in the amniotic sack which is filled with amniotic fluid. This fluid is there to protect the baby from all the pressures from the outside but there is limit to it. If you are deliberately pressurising your stomach then this pressure can traverse from the amniotic fluid to the baby and can harm the baby’s development. Also sleeping on your stomach disturbs the blood flow to the baby which carries oxygen and food.

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Sleeping on back

Second bad sleeping position is to sleep on your back. Now this position is also wrong for you because entire weight of the
baby, when he has gained a lot of weight in the second and the third trimester, falls on your uterus. This ultimately put pressure on your back. So if you are sleeping in this position that is on your back, you are inviting yourself the back pains. So this is in regard to you but we are more concerned about the baby’s development and again in this position you are hampering the blood flow to the baby. Blood flow means the oxygen for the survival of the baby. The food for the development of the baby. Both you are hampering when you are sleeping on your back.

Right way to sleep

So both of these positions sleeping on the stomach and sleeping on the back are not at all good. Just try to change it to sleeping by your sides. The best is to sleep on your left hand side because this is the position wherein the blood flow is good, it reaches to the baby and baby gets the sufficient oxygen for the development. There is no pressure on the baby so this position of sleeping on the left hand side or occasionally you can take the right hand side turn is considered very good.

Getting up or sitting down

How you should stand whenever you are standing from the position of sitting. You have to do it very slowly. Vice versa when you are sitting down you have to do it again very patiently taking a support. Now this is also very much important. When you are doing it violently or without support, first there are chances of the falling. Number second is that you are changing the flow of the blood suddenly. So anything sudden whether it is a jerk or a change is not at all a welcoming situation for the baby. Try to make it slow when you are in your third trimester.

Wearing tight clothes

Another mistake by which you pressurise your baby is to wear tight clothes. When you reach to approximately sixth
month of pregnancy, the baby development speed increases very much. The baby is gaining the weight, the length and your baby bump is increasing very fast. This time you would require new clothing because by now your old clothings would be very very tight on you. If you are wearing tight clothes, you are directly pressurising your baby. Also tight clothes will generate more heat in your body that will also going to bother you. Just go for the maternity clothings that are very loose, made up of fabrics like cotton so that there is a natural air ventilation

So these are all the things that unknowingly a pregnant woman does. These mistakes actually pressurises your baby and it is the baby inside the womb who has to tolerate all these consequences of your mistakes.

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