1 to 9 Months – Baby Development in Womb During Pregnancy

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The baby grows in mother’s womb and it is quite interesting to know the journeys of baby development in first till ninth month of the pregnancy.

1st Month Of Pregnancy

The baby is very small in size. The length of the baby is approximately 0. 5 centimeter. The baby’s tissue are developing at a very fast pace the nervous system the brain development has already started. The neurones for the baby’s brain are developing at a great speed.

2nd Month Of Pregnancy

In the second month of the pregnancy, the eye development will start happening. This is only a start. The area on the face where eye will be developing will start having a bulge. Same goes with the ear development. Even the baby’s limbs that are the hand and the legs will start taking a very initial shape. Kidney and the liver will start forming. In the second of the pregnancy the baby will gain a weight of 1 gram and the length will be approximately 1.5 to 2 centimetres.

3rd month of the pregnancy

The baby has started the motion. But this motion is very very weak and it cannot be felt by a pregnant woman. The baby is able to raise the neck. So these sort of very small movements the baby can do but it cannot be felt. The vocal cord of the baby has started developing. So many hormonal changes you will find as the progesterone level will rise up during this tenure. Due to which you will feel  stretching in your intestine and this is also a reason for mild cramps in your stomach, morning sickness and vomiting. Some pregnant women may find some sort of problem while urinating.

Now this is your last month of the first trimester and these all three months were very crucial but now your baby will be stronger and so will your pregnancy. But according to your doctor if it is your high risk pregnancy, then you should be taking complete bed rest. However in the normal scenario now the chances of miscarriages are highly reduced. 

By the end of this month the baby will be approximately 3 inches long and the weight will be around 25 to 30 grams.

4th month of the pregnancy 

Now you are in your second trimester. The baby will start developing a very fast speed. The baby’s eyes, ear are at the right place, the jaw of the baby and the tongue of the baby has started developing. The baby will start having very thin hairline. It can be seen on the eyebrows and also all over the body. These hairs on the baby’s body are temporarily and they will provide the coziness and the temperature management to the baby. 

The baby has started moving all around the amniotic fluid and some pregnant women may be able to feel this movement in the fourth month of the pregnancy. But if you are not feeling this movement do not be worried most of the pregnant women feel the first movement by the baby during their fifth to sixth month of the pregnancy.

All over the baby’s body there is a coating that is known as Vernix Caseosa which will help in preserving the baby from any reaction from the amniotic fluid. This coating will also help as a lubricant at the time of baby’s delivery. The muscles and the brain development are happening at a very fast speed. The baby’s eyes are fully developed and the baby is able to blink the eyes.The blood vessels are fully developed and the heart is also functioning. The baby’s fingers and the toes are well developed and they are quite distinct.

Length wise the baby would be around 4. 5 inches and the weight of the baby would be around 100 grams.

5th month of the pregnancy

Now this is the appropriate time when most of the pregnant women would start feeling their baby bump. By now the uterus has become big and it has come to the level of the belly button. The baby’s face is fully developed and the muscles of the face have started reacting. Baby will make so many faces. The baby can now yawn, stretch the muscles and also can suck the thumb. This is the time when most of the pregnant women would feel the first movement of the baby from the womb. In the start, these movements will be not very stronger. These initial movements are known as quickening. 

By the end of the fifth month the baby will gain the length of 6 inches approximately and the weight of the baby would be around 270 to 300 grams.

6th month of the pregnancy

The baby’s movement have become stronger. Now you will be able to feel the movements properly. Also the baby has started taking the hiccups and this can be felt as a vibration sensation on your stomach. The hearing capability of the baby has fully developed and now the baby can listen to the sounds that are coming from the outside world. 

By the end of sixth month the baby’s weight would be approximately 630 grams.

7th month of the pregnancy

With the seventh month of the pregnancy your third trimester starts. By the end of the seventh month all the necessary organs of the baby are developed. The heart is functioning properly. The kidneys are functioning but there are few developments that are remaining like the development of brain and lungs. If the baby is delivered in this month, the baby will be tagged as premature baby and your pregnancy will be preterm pregnancy. The baby’s movements will be highest at this month because the baby is now stronger, able to move all around the fluid with good force and power.

The baby will weigh around 1000 grams.

8th month of the pregnancy

The baby’s skin has some wrinkles on to it and this is because of a layer of fat that started forming under the skin. Some pregnant women would show up the leakage from the breast. That is known as colostrum which is actually the breast milk and this is happening prior to the delivery so that after the delivery you can breastfeed your baby. This month the brain and the lungs development will be happening at a good pace.

The baby will slide down to the pelvis and fix the head over there. The baby will be in the head down position and this position will facilitate the normal delivery. This usually happens in the eighth month of the pregnancy precisely between   32 to 36th week of the pregnancy. 

The weight of the baby by the end of the eighth month would be approximately 1800 grams and the length of the baby can be approximately 15 to 17 inches.

9th month of the pregnancy 

This is your last month of the pregnancy and this is the period anywhere between 37th to 40th week of the pregnancy. All the organs of the baby have developed fully, the brain development, the lungs development are done and they are functioning properly. 

Now during this eighth and the ninth month you will not feel that much of baby’s movement. This is because the baby has gained the weight and the baby doesn’t have that much of space left inside the womb to move as freely as the baby was moving earlier. Also as the baby’s head is fixed to the pelvis only you will feel the movements more on the upper stomach and the side of your stomach. Anytime you can feel delivery pain and you should be ready with your maternity bag.

Be sure that you understand how the labour pain would feel because identifying all the symptoms of the delivery is very much important. So you have to be consistently in touch with your health provider. This is all about the one till the ninth month of the pregnancy, how the baby develops over this period. 

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