14 October 2023 Solar Eclipse – What NOT To Do During Pregnancy

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इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़िए

14 October 2023 solar eclipse

The second and last solar eclipse of the year 2023 will be visible on October 14. Due to this being annular solar eclipse, it will appear as a “Ring of Fire” in the sky.

Events like eclipse are a matter of great concern for pregnant women because according to many religions, eclipse is considered a bad omen for the baby developing in the womb.

Why do pregnant women need to be careful during eclipse

Be it solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, both are known for their bad effects. Not only from the religious point of view but science has also accepted the ill effects of eclipse. Because the contaminated waves released during the eclipse can harm us. Pregnant women should take utmost care during the eclipse period. Because during this time they are most sensitive and weak.

During this time, the impact of negative energy in the environment is maximum. According to belief, the effect of the eclipse lasts for 108 days. Which can affect the unborn child of the pregnant woman.

Solar eclipse time 

The solar eclipse will start at 8:33 pm and will last till 2:25 am on October 15. There will be Amavasya this night.

Note that this time is according to Indian Standard Time i.e. IST. If you are in a timezone other than India, please convert the IST time as per your region.

Do’s and Don’ts during pregnancy during eclipse

Eclipse should not be seen with naked eyes

Pregnant women should not view the eclipse with naked eyes. It is said that this affects the eyes of the baby in the womb. One should not go out during the eclipse period. It is believed that if a pregnant woman sees an eclipse, it has a direct impact on the physical and mental health of her unborn child. Even NASA has issued guidelines not to view this solar eclipse without eye protection.

Use of basil leave

Add basil leaves(holy tulsi leaves) or Kusha grass in the food prepared before the eclipse period and do the same in water and milk. Do this with all leftover cooked food. Due to the abundant properties present in Tulsi, it eliminates the effects of the harmful rays of the eclipse or does not allow the food items to get spoiled due to the contaminated rays.

Apply basil paste on stomach

Pregnant women should apply a paste of basil leaves or/and cow dung on their stomach. This prevents harmful rays from harming the baby in the womb. Do not go out during the eclipse period and if you have to go out, keep some basil leaves with you for protection. When going out for any reason during the eclipse, apply sunscreen lotion, wear sunglasses and cover your body as much as possible.

Can’t eat or drink anything

During this period, pregnant women should not eat or drink anything. One should not eat food during eclipse. Because according to the belief, the harmful rays emitted during the eclipse contaminate the food items. If absolutely necessary, you can eat foods and drinks that have basil leaves added to them before the eclipse begins. Also, if your pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy and is not going smoothly, then do not follow any rules because these rules are not valid for you. Also, in general, the rules have been relaxed for the elderly and children.

Sleeping not allowed

Pregnant women should not sleep during the eclipse. Try to stay at a place where the light of the eclipse is not coming. You can lie down to rest but should not sleep. Sleeping during eclipse is not considered good.

Can’t go to the toilet

Pregnant women should not go to the toilet during the eclipse. So to reduce urinary pressure, try to limit your water intake before the eclipse begins. Apart from this, do not eat fruits which are diuretic.

Stay away from bad thoughts

Pregnant women should not have bad thoughts in their mind during the eclipse. One should not think bad about anyone, should not use abusive words, should not hit or beat any child.

Avoid touching sharp objects

During the eclipse, pregnant women should not use sharp objects like knives, scissors, pins, needles, nails etc. Because according to the belief, their use can lead to the problem of the child’s body parts being cut or damaged, such as the child can have the problem of cleft lips.

Do not touch the idol of God

One should not touch or worship the idol of God during the eclipse. Keep the doors of the temple closed during the eclipse period. If there are no doors in the temple then cover the temple with a clean cloth.

Mantra Chanting

To avoid the harmful effects of eclipse, one should chant the mantra during the eclipse period. You can chant Gayatri Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa, Durga Stuti, Shiv Chalisa. It brings auspicious signs for the child growing in the womb. Keep in mind that you should not do this chanting in the temple of your home. As said earlier, the temples will remain closed and untouched during the eclipse. Sit anywhere in your house where there is no radiation and you can chant the mantras there.

It is said that chanting mantra during lunar eclipse gives one lakh times more benefits and similarly, chanting mantra during solar eclipse gives ten lakh times more benefits.

Pregnant woman must take bath

Before and after the eclipse, the pregnant woman should take bath and change her clothes. After the eclipse, sprinkle holy Ganga water on yourself and the entire house so that the entire house gets purified from any negative energy spread due to the eclipse.

Resuming eating and drinking

After the eclipse ends, take bath and sprinkle Ganga water on yourself and everywhere in the house, now if you want, you can prepare fresh food to eat. It would be better if you could at least stock up on fresh water again after the eclipse to drink. In addition to the measures you take during the eclipse, it is doubly sure that whatever you are eating or drinking is not contaminated.

Visibility in india

This solar eclipse will be visible in Jamaica, Mexico, the United States, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, South and Central America, and most areas located in the Earth’s Western Hemisphere. This eclipse will not be visible in India, hence Sutak will also not be valid.

So, if pregnant women follow all these rules during the eclipse period, then its harmful effects can be avoided. This article was in accordance with the religious beliefs of Hindus. Apart from Hinduism, many other religions also preach similar precautions during the eclipse.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will the solar eclipse of October 14 be visible in India?

No, and hence pregnant women living in India do not need to do anything special. Although an eclipse is a universal phenomenon, it will bring only auspicious signs if you take precautions for peace of mind.

Sutak timing of October 14 solar eclipse in India

Sutak will not be valid in India because this solar eclipse will not be visible in India.

Can we see this eclipse with naked eyes

No, even if this eclipse is not visible in your country, it is always advised to never view the eclipse with naked eyes. Use special eye protection otherwise it may attract eye problems.

14 October 2023 solar eclipse time

Starting from 8:33 pm, it will continue till 2:25 am.

Can pregnant women sleep, eat food and drink water during the October 14 solar eclipse?

Yes, pregnant women in India can do all these things because this eclipse will not be visible in India.


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