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14th week of the pregnancy – Baby in Womb and Changes in Women

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In this article we will understand about the very start of the second trimester that is the fourth month of the pregnancy and primarily we will focus on the 14th week of the pregnancy. How much the baby develops inside the womb, what all organs have formed, how the baby starts behaving and what all changes pregnant woman would see during this week. We will cover the problems  with few of tips to resolve them. You can also watch the related video here:

So let’s get started. Let us start with the developments in the baby in womb during the 14th week of the pregnancy.

Your baby’s ear that were initially down now starts shifting upwards. The chin of the baby would come at the right place. Baby’s facial features will become more clear and by this time the baby’s neck starts getting longer. The baby’s fingerprint starts developing and the baby’s face start appearing more proportionate because the ear have developed and have come to the right place.

The baby can hear to the sounds and respond to it. If you will flicker your fingers on your stomach or if you will traverse your hand on your stomach the baby can respond to it. Now by this time that is the 14th week of the pregnancy, the baby is able to move inside the amniotic fluid very easily. However these movements are not strong enough to be felt by pregnant women. This can only be seen via sonography.

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In this week only, the production of the blood starts in baby’s spleen. So the formation of the red blood cells that is the RBC starts developing inside baby’s spleen.

The size of the baby it is measured in CRL that is Crown Rump Length and this is actually the length that is measured from the head to the bottommost part of the baby. So approximately, it is around 3.5 inches and if we objectify this length this is approximately the size of a chili.

baby 1 to 9 months

So this was about the baby during the 14th week. Now let us understand what all changes a pregnant woman would see in 14th week of their pregnancy that is the early start of the fourth month of the pregnancy. So by this time, as the baby is growing inside the womb. the uterus is expanding, your stomach is expanding and you would feel the stretching in your lower part. The muscles and the skin starts stretching.

This is a time when you will feel more of the constipation and this is all due to the hormones that are developing inside the body. These hormones have an effect of relaxing your intestines and this will be one of the causes of the constipation during 14th week of the pregnancy. If you are already facing the problem of constipation or you normally have this problem of constipation, then this problem will aggrandise.

Many pregnant women may report about the water coming from their mouth or the production of the excessive spit. So this is very common during the 14th week of the pregnancy if you have these problem like constipation, then you can discuss it with your gynaecologist.

Now during this phase, the blood production and the flow would be very high and due to this you may start seeing the veins that are known as the spider veins. They are very small blood vessels in the lower part of your leg. Some pregnant women may also see these spider veins on their face as as well and prominently this is seen when you have a very fair color or because your skin is thin.

The blood vessels that are the spider veins start appearing on your face. So if you are noticing these small veins visible on your leg or on your face, there is nothing to worry about it. These are the pregnancy changes and they are all reversible that is after the delivery they will get cured automatically.

Now let us understand few of the tips that will be helpful for you during the 14th week of the pregnancy. The constipation, the excessive watering from the mouth, the change in taste, these are the few common things or the changes you will notice in this tenure. So generally for these problem it is always good to maintain a good water level inside your body. That is you have to keep your body hydrated. Drink good amount of water per day.

drinking less water in pregnancy

A pregnant woman should drink at least 3 litre of water per day that is approximately 10 glassful of water per day you should be drinking to resolve many problems of the pregnancy. So if you are drinking a good amount of water this problem of constipation, the excessive formation of the spit or the water coming from your mouth or the change in your taste will be reduced highly.

You can include good amount of fiber in your diet. For this you should be including salads, you should be including pulses and sprouts in your diet. So these things will resolve the problem of constipation and the dehydration which is resulting due to so many problems during the 14th week of the pregnancy. In your diet you must be including the seasonal fruits and vegetable.

You should eat a balanced diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, pulses and dairy products like curd, milk, cheese, buttermilk etc. These all things should be included in your diet to make it a balanced diet. This ensures that you are getting the required nutritions for yourself as well as for the developing baby inside the womb.

stomach tight pain sudden cramp

During this time you can also feel the muscles pain because your skin is stretching. The stretching pain you can feel on your lower abdomen. So it will be good for you to understand that now you have to stand up or sit down very slowly.

If you are changing your position, if you are getting up or sitting down, or you’re lying on the bed, you have to do it with a support. Do not do these motions suddenly because it will increase your pain in the lower part of your body. These pains are not elongated, they might be ending in 20 seconds. But if you completely want to avoid it just make sure that you are not doing these things suddenly.

Similarly during this time the problem of stretch marks are there. So it is always better to apply olive oil, coconut mixed oil add some  good moisturizer on the areas like on your stomach on your thighs, on the legs because these would be the areas that would be stretching more. So the baby is growing, the fat accumulation is there, the stretching is there, so try to apply a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil and the moisturiser on the lower abdomen in the circular motion.

Now this problem of stretch mark is a very common problem and there are some cream that are available in the market. But they are very costly and you have to apply these cream considerably on your skin. You have to use the large or the good quantity of it and it will be very costly for you. Also none of the technique or none of the cream or any tip is 100% workable. That is the stretch marks will definitely come. But if you are taking care of it from the early start of the 14th week of the pregnancy then the stretch masks intensity will not be that much high on you and they will be in control and easier to cure.

So start on these remedies as soon as possible when you reaches in your 14th week of the pregnancy. So this was about the 14th week of the pregnancy, that is, the start of the fourth month of the pregnancy. The next article, we will cover about the 15th week of the pregnancy.

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