Natural Way To Prevent And Reduce Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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Although it is natural for any person to see stretch marks due to their increased weight. But during pregnancy, the weight of women is almost certain to increase by 14 to 15 kg. In such a situation stretch marks can be seen in about 90 percent of pregnant women. These stretch marks are mostly visible in the abdomen of women after 6 to 7 months of pregnancy and not only this, these marks become even more visible after delivery.


What are stretch marks and why do they happen?

The growth of muscles and skin occurs at the same rate in the human body, but when the muscle starts growing more than the skin, then the fibers in the lower layer of the skin start breaking down and in this way it causes stretch marks in the skin. And along with the skin in the enlarged places in the body, some shiny or light black marks appear in the form of stretch marks. During pregnancy, stretch marks are clearly visible in the belly, lower abdomen, sides, breasts, back and thighs.


Remedies to remove stretch marks

These stretch marks can be effectively reduced by taking medical treatment, in which various treatments are done on the skin, which can make their complexion similar to the skin.

Apart from this, cream or gel also proves to be effective to some extent, which you should take only on the advice of the doctor.

For best effect, you don’t have to let stretch marks get old and the sooner treatment is taken when stretch marks appear, they are rarely visible on your skin.


Some home remedies to remove stretch marks

Oil massage- If you massage coconut oil on your stretch marks, then you get to see better results, apart from this olive oil can also be used in it.

Egg white- If you apply the egg white part on your stretch marks, then the stretch marks reduce quickly because the level of protein in the egg white is very high. After applying it, you leave it till it dries and then it wash off and then apply moisturizer.

Lemon juice– Lemon juice can be mixed with coconut oil for stretch marks. After 1 hour of applying it, you wash it with lukewarm water, by doing this also the stretch marks start reducing.

Vitamin E- Vitamin E is very effective in protecting the collagen from getting damaged in the body, massaging your skin with Vitamin-E oil gives a lot of benefit to your skin.

Potato juice- Potato juice is not only beneficial for your skin freckles and wrinkles, it is very helpful for your skin. You can use potato juice or cut potatoes and rub them on the stretch mark area, stay for some time, after that wash off with water and apply moisturizer.

Aloe Vera and Coffee Paste- Coffee is beneficial for our skin in many ways and Aloe Vera works to keep the skin hydrated. After mixing both the things, leave it on your stretch marks area for 15-20 minutes, then apply moisturizer after washing with water.

Proper diet- To remove the stretch marks of the body, you need a diet rich in vitamins. You must eat green vegetables, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, onion, cucumber etc. in your diet.

So by doing these few home remedies, you can reduce your stretch marks.

Apart from this, you also get some creams in the market whose results I liked and I also used them during my pregnancy.

You can take this cream if you want, it works well: For more details go here

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