Week 15 of Pregnancy – Baby in Womb and Changes in Pregnant Women

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In this article we will cover about the 15th week of the pregnancy. About the baby, what all changes will be seen in the baby, what all developments and the organ formation are there.  Also we will cover about the mother that is the pregnant woman, the problem she face and in the last we will also discuss about few of the tips to resolve them.

So let us start with the 15th week of the pregnancy. We will first start with the development seen in the baby.

So by the 15th week of the pregnancy, the length of the baby inside the womb is approximately 6.5 inches. This approximates to a big apple. The fine hair growth pattern is visible in the baby. Very light hair that are known as Lanugo hair grows on baby’s body. Along with this the baby’s eyebrow and the hair on the head also starts growing.

stomach tight pain sudden cramp

In the 15th week of the pregnancy, the baby’s bone continues to develop and increase their strength. Now the baby is moving inside the womb and the baby starts sucking the thumb. So if you see in the sonography or in the ultrasound scan by the 15th week of the pregnancy, the baby’s internal body organs are almost completely developed and now they will grow in the size only.

So maximum till the 15th to 16th week, the organogenesis of the baby happens. Means whatever the development of the organs had to take place happens by now.

what not to eat in pregnancy s

This time it is considered very critical time. So during this time when the organogenesis is going on pregnant woman is asked not to eat or consume any medicine or any tablet without the consent from your gynaecologist.

It can impact the growth of the baby’s organ inside the womb, this can make a difference to the organogenesis of your baby. So ultra care has to be taken till the 15th to 16th week of the pregnancy.

So this was about the baby, now we will focus on the pregnant women. What all changes she will see in the 15th week of the pregnancy.

As a baby is growing, the uterus is also growing. Now this is the time when baby bump starts appearing to you. So by the 15th week of the pregnancy, now the uterus starts being felt in the lower part of the stomach.

By this time you would have done your double marker test of the pregnancy. You should have actually done it by the 13th week of the pregnancy but if by any chance you missed the Double Marker Test now your gynecologist will advise you to go for the Quadruple Marker Test.

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In the Quadruple marker test, the study of four hormones are there. So the resultant of the Quadruple Marker Test is to identify if the baby inside the womb is all right, if the baby have any sort of the chromosomal or the genetical problem or not.

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It is important to understand that quadruple Market test is not advised to every pregnant woman. But in case you have not done your double Mark test in approximately the 13th week of the pregnancy only in those cases the Quadruple Marker test may be advised to you.  Or in case when your double marker test was performed and some shortcomings or some problem were seen, only then in case this would be performed at around 16th or the 15th week of the pregnancy.

So as you land up in your 15th week of the pregnancy, the problems of the first trimester of the pregnancy, like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite now starts decreasing. As these problem starts decreasing, now you would see that your weight starts gaining.

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Approximately after the 15th week of the pregnancy, you would see 500 gram to 1 kg of the weight gain per week. But this is not same for every woman. It depends upon various factor like what you are eating, what you are drinking and eating habit,  how much balance diet you are eating, what is your height, how is your metabolism, everything is counted. But on an average the weight gain should be around 500 gram to 1 kg per week after the 15th week of the pregnancy.

Now as the baby inside the womb is getting bulkier, this is the right time you should understand how you have to sleep. Your sleeping pattern will affect the baby’s nutrient supply. As you reach in your 15th week of the pregnancy you should start sleeping by the literal sides that is by taking the left hand side turn or the right hand side turn. Better is to sleep by left lateral side because this position, the blood flow to the baby is the best one.

sleeping more in pregnancy

As we have told that the uterus is increasing, the baby is increasing inside the womb, now you can feel the uterus at the level of your stomach. That means you can feel the uterus approximately three to four fingers below your navel or belly button. So if you will lie straight on the bed with your back, then the uterus will fall back on you and the pressure of stomach and the baby will fall on the back. This will give you back pain as well as the Main vein will get suppressed. This will hamper the blood supply from the heart to the lower part of your body. This reduction or the restriction of the blood flow, will give you problems like the swelling but prominently as the blood supply has reduced, the baby’s growth will be obstructed. The source of the oxygen and the nutrition to the baby is the blood.

how to sleep in pregnancy

So you should understand it clearly that you do not have to sleep on your back also do not sleep on your stomach. There are two positions left position and the right position, you can take but from among them also if you are sleeping by taking your left hand side turn, that is a left lateral side, this is considered the best position to sleep during pregnancy.

So as the baby bump is increasing you will find difficulty in sleeping, if you have a budget you can go for the Pregnancy pillows that come in the market. But if you do not want to go for these pregnancy pillows, you have to do something on your own. Place some pillows to support your back while sleeping also you have to place a pillow in front of your stomach to support the baby bump. Keep one pillow in between your knees so to reduce the pressure or any sort of the inflammation that may be caused on your knees. This will be helpful in providing you the sound sleep

This was about the 15th week of the pregnancy. In the other article you will read what happens in the 16th week of the pregnancy. For that stay connected with Garbhgyan.com, subscribe and follow us to get the notifications. Thank you very much for reading this article. Share this article for a broader reach.  Stay Happy | Stay Healthy

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