What happens when pregnant women drink buttermilk in pregnancy ? Best Guide 2024

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Should buttermilk be consumed during pregnancy or not? Buttermilk which is also known as Lassi/Chaach/Mattha/Chaas.

Nutrients in buttermilk

Buttermilk is packed with lots of costume facts. Healthy bacteria will be found inside it.You will get carbohydrates and at the same time the lactose found inside it also strengthens the immunity inside your body. There are very good amounts of vitamin-C, vitamin-B inside buttermilk and your body gets very good nutritions from it. You will find elements like iron, potassium, phosphorus in buttermilk and they have a very important role in the development of baby in womb.

Beneficial in stomach disorders

During pregnancy, you will see many problems related to stomach, such as your stomach can remain upset many times. If your digestive system is bad, you can add pinch of black salt or rock salt and roasted cumin powder in a glass of buttermilk. If you drink this, you get a lot of benefits. Your digestive power improves. By drinking buttermilk, there is instant communication of energy inside you, so drink buttermilk whenever you feel fatigued. Buttermilk supplies water inside your body which keeps your body hydrated.

Relieves constipation

If you have a complaint of constipation, then you will get a lot of relief if you drink a glass of buttermilk mixed with celery(ajwain). Likewise, if you mix mint leaves with buttermilk, then it works as a very good detoxifier and can remove all the toxic elements from your body.

Beneficial in acidity

You can also see the problem of acidity and heartburn during pregnancy. If you are experiencing something like this, then mix sugar- candy(misri), black pepper and rock salt in buttermilk and drink it daily, you can get rid of problems like acidity and heartburn. Drinking buttermilk is considered much better than drinking milk.

Boosts immunity

The bioactive protein found in buttermilk also controls your blood pressure and at the same time strengthens your immunity.

Beneficial for the baby in the womb

  • The amount of calcium and potassium in buttermilk is very good for the development of your baby’s bones in a very good way and you yourself also get strength in your bones.
  • The amount of protein in buttermilk is also very good, which helps in the overall development of the baby in the womb. If your cholesterol level has increased during pregnancy, then buttermilk is a natural medicine that will help you reduce cholesterol.

Before drinking know this

  1. Buttermilk should be fresh because if you consume buttermilk that has been kept for many days, then the chances of it getting sour are very high. Sour buttermilk can spoil your throat, do not drink buttermilk at all in case of cold. You do not have to drink buttermilk at night or in the evening at all. If you have to consume it, then you consume it in the morning or in the afternoon, then it will be very good for you, otherwise you may have to face some other problems as well.
  2. If you have fever, do not consume buttermilk at that time.
    Even if you have a cold, you should not consume buttermilk because its effect is very cold.
  3. If you have any skin related problem like eczema which is a very common problem during pregnancy then also you should not consume buttermilk.
  4. If you have any problem related to kidney or any disease then also you should not consume buttermilk.


So these were some of the advantages and disadvantages of drinking buttermilk. Consume buttermilk keeping these in mind and after talking to your health care provider.

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