Severe Pain And Swelling In The Vagina During Pregnancy – Is It A Concern

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Most of the problems you are facing during pregnancy are common. If you are facing physical problems or internal problems, then you get nervous. But 90% of the problems caused by this also happen to other pregnant women. The biggest reason for this is hormonal change.

During pregnancy, many women have pain in the private part (vagina) and they also feel very nervous. Because this place is such where there is a fear of infection etc. which can put the unborn child at risk. If you are also having pain in the private part, then what are the reasons for it, is it normal or is it a matter of concern.

Due to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, the dryness in your private parts increases so much that due to this, your private parts start getting very painful. If such a situation is happening with you too, then you should make relation with your partner at all. During this time you should avoid making relations. If you are having this pain then you should consult a doctor.

What happens second is that if you do not take care of cleanliness during pregnancy, then it can lead to infection in your private part. And gradually this infection starts giving you pain in the surrounding parts of your vagina as well. It is also very common during pregnancy, so you have to maintain hygiene. Cleanliness has to be taken care of properly so that any kind of infection does not reach the baby growing in your womb.

Third thing, what happens is that when the fetus is developing, the ligament works to accommodate the baby in the pelvis. Because of which the muscles adjacent to your private part start to strain and get stretched. In such a situation, you have to resort to yoga and exercise. Which will be helpful in bringing flexibility in your muscles and due to which you feel minimum pain when there is tension or pressure in the muscles.

The fourth thing is that during this time there is more blood circulation in your private part. During pregnancy, the circulation of blood to your private parts starts almost three times faster than normal, which puts pressure on the uterus. This causes severe pain and swelling in the vagina. In such a situation, you have to be very careful. It is said that during pregnancy your body becomes very sensitive. Women’s bodies start behaving differently.

Fifth, pregnancy can lead to conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse, which is seen in a very small number of women during pregnancy. The reason for this condition is that sometimes a part of your pelvic region rises up towards your vagina or your rectum. This causes a lot of pain in your private part. This condition is a bit serious and complicated, so if you’re having severe, persistent pain, see your doctor right away.

Sixth, in very rare cases, you may have an ectopic pregnancy. In the beginning, ectopic pregnancy is not detected, but gradually when your pregnancy has to grow, pain and bleeding starts in your private part. So in such a situation, if you are having a lot of pain in the private part, then it is possible that you have an ectopic pregnancy. In this, instead of growing in the uterus, your embryo remains in the fallopian tube and starts developing there. It can be quite fatal for pregnant women. That is why you should not delay in seeing a doctor as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.

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