Baby First Movement or Kick Inside Womb

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How does it feel when the baby in the womb moves? So it’s a very common question amongst the women who are pregnant first time. So let me tell you that the movement you would start feeling anytime between 16th to the 25th week of your pregnancy. So it depends, some pregnant women feel this movement quite earlier like in 16th week but some women may take 25th week to feel this movement . In case it’s your second pregnancy then you can differentiate between movements and the other internal sensation that is going on in their stomach.

So let’s understand how does it actually feel. So to some women it feels like the bubble or the gas that is floating around the stomach. While some pregnant women will feel the itching sensation or the quickening sensation inside their stomach. And to the other group of the pregnant women it is something like a fluttering of the butterfly  that is giving sensation in their stomach.

Feeling of this movement is quite different. It is different among the pregnant women how they are taking it up. Once you are in your seventh month you can precisely differentiate between the baby’s movements and the other internal vibrations or fluttering. For the experienced pregnant women their uterine muscles become flexible in the first pregnancy and so the sensitivity of the uterus increases and so they can feel the movement quite earlier.

Most of the time you would start feeling the movement in the lower abdomen areas. So you need to pay attention to the lower abdomen area during the sixteenth to 25th weeks of the pregnancy. But with the start of your seventh month that is the third trimester, you may also feel baby hiccups precisely and you can differentiate between the baby hiccups and the baby’s movements. In coming months, baby’s movements actually slows down as the eighth month and the ninth month approaches because during this time the baby in the womb grows rapidly the size of the baby increases pace in the womb is left very less for the baby’s movement.

So this is a normal thing that you should understand that in the eighth, ninth month or you can say the third trimester baby will give you very less movements because the baby is now bulky and there is very less space inside the womb. So by this time you will get an idea of the baby’s resting time or the sleeping time and you should try to focus on the baby’s movement when he is more active.

So during that period you should sit in a quiet place and try to examine that the baby’s movement are there or not. It is very much important that you are tracking baby’s movement. On an average every two hours baby should give you movements 10 times.

 And this is an average you need to monitor always. If anytime during your pregnancy you feel that the baby’s movement are not coming for more than four to five hours then this is a matter of concern and you should consult your doctor as soon as possible because this is not a good. There is a possibility of something not right. So to lessen the risk you should always get in touch with your doctor whenever you feel so. 

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