When Baby Bump Appears During Pregnancy | Low Baby Bump During Pregnancy

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After conceiving pregnancy, women face many problems. Often pregnant women think that the second trimester of the pregnancy is going on, the third trimester is running but till now stomach is not visible, when will the belly start showing. When will the baby bump show up etc.

Why Baby Bump So Low 

So this is a very curious question that remains among women. It should also be because a small baby is growing in your womb, so how is it developing, how baby size is increasing, this curiosity remains for women. Because the baby is hidden from you inside the womb, you cannot see it, but if the size of the baby is increasing in the womb, then it is very natural that your belly also starts showing.

So if it is the second trimester of pregnancy, yet your stomach is not visible then why does this happen, let’s know all these things.

How Much is Baby Bump in 1st Trimester

So first of all, let’s talk about the first trimester of pregnancy ( first, second and third month of pregnancy ) whether women’s stomach bulges in the first trimester of pregnancy or does not come. So let me tell you that by the twelfth week, the baby in your womb is only the size of a lemon.

So due to being such a small size, the size of your uterus does not increase, then forget that you will see a bulge in your stomach.

Baby Bump Low Even In Second Trimester

How much is the baby bump till now

Now talk about the second trimester, in the 16th week the baby in the womb is equal to an avocado, in the 20th week it becomes equal to banana, by the 24th week, the size of the baby in the womb has become the size of a musk-melon.

First Time Pregnancy

In the second trimester of pregnancy, women who are becoming a mother for the first time, many times their stomach does not start showing, but women who are becoming a mother for the second time, their belly starts to bulge very early.

The reason behind this is that women who become mothers again, during their first pregnancy, their muscles have been stretched a lot. Due to which the bulge of their stomach starts appearing earlier.

If this is your 2nd time Pregnancy

Women who are becoming mothers for the second time, if they are older, then their baby bump may start showing in the first trimester itself. So it is also related to your age.

But those women who are becoming a mother for the first time, it is not necessary that in the second trimester of pregnancy, the bulge of the stomach starts appearing.

Baby Bump Size During Third Trimester

Sometimes the bulge starts appearing by the third trimester of pregnancy. Not only this, when the 8th month of pregnancy starts, then they see a bulge in their stomach.

For the first time, the women who are becoming mothers, their muscles remain stretched, their muscles are very much toned up, the body stays toned. Because of this too many times the baby bump of women is not visible.


By the third trimester of pregnancy, your baby bump should start showing. This is very important but even more important thing is that the baby growing in your womb should be healthy, development is going well.

If your baby is weak, your baby’s development is going on a few weeks late, then it is a matter of problem, you have to pay more attention to these things.

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