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Line Through Navel During Pregnancy : Symptoms of Baby Boy in Womb

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During pregnancy, many physical changes happen in the body of pregnant women. Amongst them, a unique change occurs in the skin of pregnant women that there is a black line from the top of the navel to the bottom, which is called Linea Nigra. This line build on skin crossing the belly button vertically up raises many questions amongst pregnant women.

The dark line through navel in pregnancy and its related questions

With this, there are many questions in the minds of pregnant women that why this line is there and does it not cause any harm to the baby in the womb. If it will have any side effects in the body. Apart from this, there is a lot of curiosity in the mind of pregnant women to know whether they can really know from the navel line whether the baby in the womb is a boy or a girl.

What is this black line

Due to hyper pigmentation during pregnancy, this black line starts forming in the abdomen of women. This line starts appearing in the stomach of pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy. This line is from the navel to the bottom and for many women it is above the navel till the chest.
In some women, this line is very thick and in some women it appears very light. After delivery, it gradually starts ending on its own.

What are the reasons for the formation of black line through the navel

During pregnancy, hormone called estrogen starts increasing in the body of pregnant women. Due to which the secretion of melanin i.e. skin pigmentation starts becoming very high. Due to the high amount of melanin in the body, this type of dark black line starts appearing in your skin. You don’t need to worry too much about this. It does not cause any harm, any problem to your unborn baby anywhere. This is a very natural process of pregnancy.

Predicting Baby Gender – Boy or girl in the womb

Many questions arise in the minds of pregnant women regarding the navel line, whether it is a boy or a girl. It is said that if the line in the belly of a pregnant woman is straight and is up to the chest passing through the navel, then the pregnant woman has a boy in her stomach. And in the same way, if the line is light or it is oblique or if this line is till the navel, then in such a situation there would be a girl in the womb.


This is a statement, a proverb and it has no scientific basis. Such things have been going on since time immemorial, where the old grandmother used to see such things and associate it with the baby gender in womb. It may be a coincidence at times that this saying fits perfectly. But it has no scientific basis and no evidence is related to it. So do not take it seriously.

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