What To Eat For Fair Baby During Pregnancy

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Improving color of baby in womb

How can you improve the complexion of the baby in the womb, that is, how can you improve baby’s skin tone during pregnancy ?

The skin is usually in two tones, one is dark tone and the other is light. Both the skin tones have their own advantages.

Where the dark tone is more resistant to damage to the skin due to the sun, the lighter skin has more chances of getting damaged. On the other hand, the fair or light skin makes a difference in the appearance.

But if we both talk about both the skin tones, then its not defined that people of this type of tone will be more successful, will be intelligent or will they get more respect given by the society.

That’s why in this article we are not doing any discrimination and so we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of both the skin type.

Let us understand in what way you can improve the color of the baby in your womb and make the baby fair. Usually, this is more of a question for those people who themselves are not of fair complexion and they feel that their baby’s complexion should be brightened a bit.

And in many cases, even if the parents are fair, they feel that their baby should be more fairer.

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What makes baby fair in color

The color of the skin depends on your how much melanin is there inside the skin. The more melanin is there, the more darker is the skin tone.

But not only melanin will decide the skin tone, It depends on many other things like the environmental factors i.e. the place you are living in. It also depends on the genetics, that is, what is the skin tone of the parents or other people in the relationship.

But generally we have also seen that when these factors are changed and they are kept in a different environment then their skin color becomes different.

So it cannot be denied at all that the skin color cannot change, it is absolutely possible, sometimes there are some medical conditions in which your skin color changes in patches.

How To Improve Baby’s Complexion

How to improve the color of the baby growing inside the womb? For this, it is very important for the pregnant woman to understand few things. Let’s start with how you should maintain your diet.

Eating spinach : It is believed that eating spinach during pregnancy improves the baby’s complexion, the folate and Iron contenbt in spinach helps in the development of the cells of his skin.

Eating carrot :The second thing is to eat carrot. You must eat carrots during pregnancy because carrots contain a good amount of beta carotene and when carotene enters the body, it gets converted into Vitamin-A.

Vitamin-A not only solves the problem of weak eyesight, which is a problem normally faced by women during pregnancy, but it also makes the baby’s eyes very healthy.

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Saffron Milk: Thirdly, you must have heard a lot about saffron milk. Saffron milk is believed to improve baby’s skin color and make the baby fair.

To make saffron milk, you have to boil 2 to 3 strands of saffron in milk, let it become warm and drink it before sleeping at night.

This will give you more benefits also like you will not face the problem of stiffness in your legs.

Almond Milk : Next is drinking almond milk, this is also considered very good because there are many good nutrients inside it. It contains Vitamin-A and Vitamin-I.

Almond Milk is a very good for the development of the skin and for keeping the skin moisturized.

Apart from this, it is very important for you to stay hydrated. For this, you should drink plenty of water. You should drink at least 8 to 10 glassful of water.

And you must definitely eat and drink fruit juice. It is very important, you must eat watermelon, cucumber, they contain water in a very good amount.

So this was tip on how you can improve baby’s complexion in womb by eating some fruits and vegetable. However there is no guarantee that they work as they believed.

But even if they don’t. they are otherwise also good to eat during pregnancy.

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