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What White Discharge In Women Means – Normally and During Pregnancy

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White discharge in women

White discharge i.e. leakage of white water, which is very common in girls and women, this white discharge can occur continuously for a whole month after your period and before the next period. This white discharge is also a symptom of pregnancy. Apart from this, this white discharge can sometimes be a matter of danger. So when is this white discharge normal? When is it a matter of danger? Read this article completely to know when it can be a symptom of pregnancy.

What white discharge quantity signifies

Women can have this white discharge continuously and in high quantity throughout the month and sometimes it is in small quantity, which is very normal. When a woman is about to start her periods, two to three days before this, white discharge may occur in excess and this will give the woman an idea that her periods are about to come, so during this time she may feel abdominal pain and cramps. If you feel pain in the back, then go with it that periods are about to come.

White discharge during ovulation

Apart from this, even when your ovulation starts, this white discharge can be very thick, fast and in high quantity, then even at that time you can understand that your ovulation has started.

White discharge in pregnancy

Apart from this, when you are in the early days of pregnancy, then it is also a symptom of your conception. At that time, the level of a hormone called progesterone in your body starts increasing rapidly. If you are getting this white discharge in a large amount, but you are not facing any kind of problem in it, you do not have pain in your stomach, you do not have cramps, you do not have cramps or back pain, etc. If it is not happening then it is quite normal.

When to worry about white discharge

It becomes a matter of worry whether you are normal or pregnant, and if during this white discharge you see some symptoms that make you look different from the normal white discharge, then it becomes a matter of worry for you. .

Let us know what is this symptom and whether you can take home remedies in it so that you can avoid this problem.

Symptoms of infection

If this white discharge starts giving you infection. For example, if you are getting white discharge coming out of milk-like thick fluid, in which you are feeling bad smell, itching and burning sensation, then this type of white discharge is giving you infection, which causes itching in your vagina during this time. does.

Other color discharge

Apart from this, this white discharge can give you sewer infection. When you see color change in white discharge. If you are seeing this white discharge, instead of white, it is yellow, brown or gray in color, in which you are having bad smell and itching and this itching gives you redness or redness in the adjacent part of your vagina. If it is, then it can give you sewer infection somewhere.

In such a situation, you must go to the doctor and get it treated, because the infection that occurs, it keeps increasing somewhere or the other. It can cause you problems in your uterus or somewhere else in the body. So go to the doctor and get it treated, the doctor will give you some treatment for it, may ask you to do some tests, so you must get those tests done.

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