These Problem Panic Pregnant Women – How Bizzare Are These Pregnancy Changes

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Strange Changes During Pregnancy

In this article, we will learn about some of the changes that can be quite strange to experience during pregnancy. We understand that there are some changes that are quite obvious, like morning sickness, vomiting, stretch marks, linea nigra (a line down the middle of your abdomen), and other things like constipation and pregnancy glow. But apart from these changes, there are some more physical changes that we will talk about in this article that may worry pregnant women as these changes are bit strange and bizarre.

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Skin Warts or Skin Tags

It is quite surprising that a lot of tags start appearing on the skin during pregnancy. These skin tags are basically overgrowths of the skin and they usually occur in places where there is more friction or they rub together more. Such areas could be your underarms or in areas where your clothing causes more friction, such as around the breasts, neckline and underarms. They are also considered quite normal and will go away on their own after the delivery.

Varicose veins

This problem is caused by swollen veins that are usually noticeable on your legs muscles. The main reason for this is that as your baby grows in the womb, the uterus also grows larger and puts pressure on the veins, which leads to the problem of varicose veins (swelling during pregnancy). These will also go away on their own after delivery. However, if they cause severe pain then you must consult your gynaecologist.


This condition of piles and haemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable. This is mainly due to constipation during pregnancy(Piles during pregnancy). To avoid this problem, take fibre rich diet from the beginning of pregnancy. To prevent piles, it is necessary to take measures to control constipation(constipation during pregnancy). In case of this problem, you need medical attention as soon as possible.


It is common to have acne or pimples on the skin due to hormonal changes during pregnancy(acne during pregnancy). Maintain your facial hygiene by cleaning your face several times a day. Wash the face with a mild face wash 3 to 4 times a day. While drying the skin with a towel, do not rub it too much. This problem will resolve automatically after delivery.

Urine Leakage

You may experience urine leakage when laughing or sneezing, usually during the fifth to sixth month of pregnancy(urine leakage during pregnancy). This happens because the growing baby puts pressure on the bladder. The problem usually resolves after delivery.

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is common problem during pregnancy, mainly due to inflammation and hormonal changes( weakening of eye sight during pregnancy). If you wear glasses, your number of glasses may change. This problem will resolve automatically after the birth of the child.

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Gastric and Bloating

Excess gas formation during pregnancy can be embarrassing. This happens due to pressure on the digestive system due to the growth of the baby (Gas and bloating during pregnancy). It will be fine after delivery. To avoid this problem, eat fiber rich diet, drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetable and do daily walking or mild exercise.

Numbness and Tingling

Numbness or tingling around your wrist may occur due to increased fluid production and swelling during pregnancy (numbness during pregnancy). This is known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CPT), and it will heal without long-term effects.

Changes in Nose

Problems like nose bleeding and sudden snoring may occur during pregnancy(nose bleed during pregnancy). These changes are common and can be attributed to increased blood flow and hormonal changes.

Dental problems

Hormonal changes and increased blood flow during pregnancy as well as calcium deficiency can lead to dental problems like swollen gums and loose teeth(blood from gums during pregnancy). Taking medicines on time can help manage these problems.


These changes during pregnancy may seem strange and worrying, but most of them are normal and will go away on their own. However, if any of these conditions worsen, consult your gynaecologist.

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