Radish During Pregnancy – How is Radish Beneficial For Baby in Womb

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In this article, we will understand about the benefits and what all measures you should be keeping in your mind when you are eating radish during pregnancy .

Radish is a root vegetable and it has got tremendous nutritional values. It is rich in various vitamins minerals and other essentials that are good for the fetal development and for you as well during pregnancy.

Few things you have to keep in your mind that we will cover up in this article, so let us start by understanding what radish contains that can benefit you in pregnancy.

Radish comes in two color, one is white and other is somewhat purple. So both the type of radish contains good amount of folate that is the folic acid, manganese, potassium, vitamin-C. Other aspects are like it is a low calorie food with high fiber content. So these are the basic nutrients that are found in radish.

Now on the basis of these nutrients, the benefits of the radishes are:

Reduce Risk of Birth Defects in Baby

Radish has got good amount of folate, then this is definitely a boon for the fetal development in the first 3 months of your pregnancy. When you are in your first 3 months of the pregnancy, folate that is the folic acid intake is highly important.

Folate is something that will help in minimising the birth defects in the baby . Some birth defects like neural tube disorders, spinal bifida can be avoided when you are not neglecting your folate or the folic acid intake. Folate is also very important for the nervous system and brain development of the baby throughout the pregnancy.

With vitamin-C and folate, reddish become a very good source to support the production of new cells and tissues of baby there by promoting the optimal fetal development.

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Good for digestive problems

Radish has got good content of fiber and fiber is a natural remedy for the digestive issues like constipation, gas, blotting etc. So do include radish in your salads because it is good for numerous digestive and the stomach disorders.

Helps reduce Iron and Haemoglobin deficiency

Radish also has got good content of iron. Now iron is already there in radish and also there is vitamin-C. Both these things are quite important for you to reduce any iron deficiencies. Like you could be having low haemoglobin level.

When you eat radish, you got good amount of vitamin-C and iron. So you can definitely reduce the deficiency of vitamin-C and iron plus it also helps in reducing blood deficiencies.

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Regulates BP

Radish has got good amount of potassium. It will help in regulating the blood pressure and this helps in reducing the probability of hypertension during pregnancy, that is again a very common problem.

Immunity Booster

Next is boosting your immunity. Radish has got good amount of vitamin-C. The presence of good content of Vitamin-C in your body will help boost your immunity. This will help you in fighting against small bacterial and the viral infections. So problems like cold, cough can be kept at bay when you have a strong immunity.


Next benefit of eating radish is it has got the anti-inflammatory compound. This compound helps in countering inflammation and other problems like preeclampsia, that is a problem basically due to the high blood pressure.

How To Eat Radish in Pregnancy

Now let us understand how you can consume radish in your diet. You can use radish in making a good salad. Because radish grows under the soil, so it is a root vegetable, clean it properly with water and then peel off the outer skin and now you can directly eat it. You can also make radish vegetable.

In some countries reddish pickles are also there, it is also good to eat during pregnancy.

Apart from this you can go for radish paratha(breads/roti), that is the stuffed parantha where in the shredded radish mixed with spices are filled to make chapatis or parathas. So these are the ways you can relish radish during pregnancy.

Some moderations and precautions

First of all you should not be overeating radish. Overeating of anything is not good during pregnancy.

If you’re having any history of kidney or stone, the consumption of radish is not advised for you.

Radish has got diuretic properties that means if you’re eating more of radish you may be visiting your toilet more to urinate. In this way you may dehydrate your body because you have to urinate again and again. For this it is always better to drink at least 8 to 10 glassful of water per day.

So this was almost everything about radish that we could have covered in this article. If you like this article, kindly share it for a broader reach. Thanks for reading on Garbhgyan.com. Stay Happy | Stay Healthy

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