These 4 Mistakes Starves Baby In Womb – Baby Development and Weight Is Impacted Badly

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What starves baby in womb

The baby growing in the womb gets what you eat during pregnancy. Now what happens many times that you are eating everything healthy, taking very good nutrition, taking very good diet, doing everything very well, but the baby remains weak in the womb. The baby is not gaining weight, there is a delay in the development of the baby.

Unknowingly, some pregnant women commit such mistakes due to which the unborn baby does not get food. That is, whatever a pregnant woman eats, it does not reach the baby. So what are those mistakes that you should know, we will tell in this article. So read this article completely and carefully. First of all let me tell you what you do wrong?

Non-consistent time intervals between meals

You eat well, but don’t eat on time. You stay hungry for a long time. That’s why you have to keep in mind that during pregnancy you do not have to starve for a long time. Do not keep a gap of more than 2 hours between your meals/snacks. Whatever you eat throughout the day, divide it into small portions. If you eat little by little every hour, then the first advantage will be that that food is digested properly and secondly, the baby growing in the womb keeps getting food continuously in the womb. Therefore, whatever you want to eat during pregnancy, eat it little by little but definitely eat something every hour. In such a situation, the development of the baby will be very good and its weight will also increase according to the months.

Eating anything to satisfy hunger

Do not eat junk food as these may temporarily fill your stomach but will be harmful to your health and that of the baby over the period of pregnancy. Do not eat any outside food because during pregnancy you have to eat according to your nutritional needs and not according to your tongue. Also, there is no guarantee of cleanliness, hygiene, freshness etc. of the food brought home from outside. It can give you many types of complications and can also cause severe damage to the baby in the womb.

Starving self when out of the house

Whenever you are going out somewhere, definitely take something to eat with you. If you are going for a doctor’s visit, then take something with you because sometimes the hospital is very crowded. If your turn comes after a long time, you can eat something in between. There are fruits, there are dry fruits, you keep with yourself and eat so that you do not remain hungry and your baby does not crave for food in the womb. Also make sure that you carry your medicines, drinking water, etc. whenever you are out of the house. Along with eating, it is also very important to keep your body hydrated.

Baby remains hungry due to the wrong way of lying

Yes, if you sleep in the wrong position, then the food does not reach the unborn baby properly. Because of this, there is a delay in the growth and development of the baby. You should never sleep on your stomach or on your back. These conditions not only bother you but also reduce the supply of oxygen and blood to the unborn baby. The baby may feel lack of oxygen to breathe properly and also feel hungry. In such a situation, the growth and development of the child in the womb is badly affected.
Also, sleeping on the stomach or back can cause problems like indigestion, gas, flatulence, burning sensation in the throat.
So avoid this mistake whenever you are sleeping. The best way to sleep is to sleep on one side. You should sleep more and more on the left side and you can also take right side for some time in between. Both positions are said to be great for your digestion and better supply of blood and oxygen to your unborn baby. The baby gets oxygen in a better way, so lying on the left or right side gives many benefits to the baby growing in the womb. The baby develops well and gains weight properly.

That was all in this article, I hope you have gained some knowledge and will not do these mistakes during pregnancy for the betterment of your baby in the womb. Thanks for reading and subscribe to

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