Eating Spinach in Pregnancy Good Or Not For Baby in Womb

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Spinach During Pregnancy

In this article we will understand about eating spinach during pregnancy. Consuming green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, dil leaves are very beneficial for you during pregnancyduring pregnancy eating. These green leafy vegetable are highly beneficial for the baby developing inside your womb for physical and mental growth.


Nutritional Value in Spinach

Let us understand what all nutritional values spinach has got. Spinach is rich in iron, folic acid(folate), vitamin-A, B, C and E. Apart from this it also has got good amount of potassium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Spinach basically comes in two colors. One is known as the red spinach and other widely seen and known in green color. Both these type of the spinach are good for you and for your baby.

Spinach has got very good content of folate and iron. Both these elements are quite important when you are in your initial months of the pregnancy.

Reduce Risk of Birth Defects in Baby

Like during the first trimester that is between first to third month. During this tenure, the body require iron and folate in good amount, so that any birth defects in the baby can be kept at bay.

Folate and Iron also help in keeping off neural tube disorders (NTD) in the baby, lack of both these nutrients can result in the miscarriage or any defect in the baby in the initial stages.

Improve Eye-sight and Immunity

Number second point is your vision and the immune system support. Due to the good amount of vitamin-A ,C and E in spinach, it makes a very good source of all those nutrients which are required to boost your eyesight.

During pregnancy the weakening of the eyesight is quite normal, your eyesight or the vision go low. So to boost it up, if you are eating spinach it is a very natural remedy.

Apart from this, during pregnancy you are substantially low on energy, your immunity is highly compromised. So vitamin-C present in spinach will help in building up your immune system.

Improves Blood volume and quality

Next is about regulating your blood volume. It is quite normal that during pregnancy the blood volume in pregnant women increases by approximately 40%. With that you require more nutrients like folate and iron and that is very well present in spinach.

Also the iron content in spinach will make it sure that you are not deficient of iron in your body. This ensure you don’t suffer from any hemoglobin deficiency that will result in iron deficiency anemia.

This is a very common problem that happens with pregnant women. So it is better that you are avoiding it by eating spinach.

Also this will make sure that your body has got ample amount of blood because blood is the main source of nutrients and oxygen supplied to the baby. So in this way you will not get anemic and also the baby can develop properly inside the womb.

At the time of delivery, good volume of blood will ensure that your normal delivery can take place easily.

Maintains Blood Pressure

Now next benefit of eating spinach during pregnancy is it has got good amount of potassium. This will help in keeping the blood pressure under control and so it will also reduce the chances of hypertension during pregnancy.

Reduce Stress and Mood Swings

Another benefit of spinach is in maintaining your stress level or reducing the hypertension. Also reducing any chances of the mood swings.

So these things are quite common during pregnancy and they are happening because of the pregnancy hormones that are building up or going down in your body and due to which you will often experience mood swings, stress, anxiety and tension etc.

Since spinach is very good in vitamin-B, especially the B6 component is good enough, it will boost up your mental level and it will promote mood stability and reduce stress.

Vitamin B6 that is present in spinach is very helpful in the production of neuro transmitter in your body that will take care of the hypertension, stress and the mood swing problem.

How Much To Eat Spinach Per Day

Now let us understand with all these benefits how much spinach you should be eating per day because moderation is most important during pregnancy. You cannot eat what is beneficial for you out of the proportion and same goes with spinach.

Though spinach is a nutritional powerhouse but to understand the moderation is quite important. So if you are consuming spinach in limit it is good for you.

You should not be consuming more than half a cup full of spinach per day and also you should not be eating it on daily basis. You can eat spinach on alternate days.

When To Avoid Eating Spinach

Overeating of spinach can lead to constipation and in some cases it can be also a cause for the kidney stone. So if you’re already suffering from these two problem, kindly avoid eating spinach during pregnancy.

When you understand all these moderation and precautions, you can enjoy spinach in your diet during pregnancy. Hope you have understood the key points that we have covered in this article. Thank you for reading.

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