Eating Mango During Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts

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There is no dearth of people who are fond of mango. Everyone likes mango but if you are pregnant, is it safe to eat mango during pregnancy. If it is safe then what are its benefits and most importantly, who all pregnant women should not eat mango at all during pregnancy. Let us understand all this information through this article.

You can eat mango during pregnancy. The most vitamins found in mango are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6. It is very beneficial for the baby growing in the womb during pregnancy. Apart from this, it contains folic acid, potassium, and many other nutrients are found in it, so mango should be consumed during pregnancy.

If your immunity is weak then mango can benefit you a lot in this. Not only this, it will be very beneficial for the baby growing in your womb because it contains vitamin A and vitamin b6. These are very beneficial for the development of the baby in the womb. But eat it in limits because if you consume mango in large quantity during pregnancy, it can cause diarrhea, dehydration, dizziness, confusion and your mood can also become unstable.

You can consume mango but eat it in limits, that is, you can eat only one or half a mango in a day during pregnancy. You should not eat more mangoes than this.

Now who are those pregnant women who should not consume mango at all during pregnancy. So, pregnant women who suffer from gestational diabetes during pregnancy, that is, their sugar level remains high, they should not consume mango. Because mango contains high amount of sugar and not only this, women who have gained a lot of weight during pregnancy should also not consume mango during pregnancy. Because it has a very high calorie content, it can increase your unnecessary obesity.

Apart from this, if you are having eczema problem, ringworm or any skin related problem, then you should not consume mango during
pregnancy. If you have gastrointestinal problems, then you should not consume mango during this time. Because it can increase your stomach related problems and you may get diarrhea and loose motions.

Women who have stomach problems, women who are obese, women who have sugar problems, such women should not consume mango during pregnancy.

Mango can give you a lot of calories during pregnancy, can keep you quite energetic. Like those whose ninth month of pregnancy is going on, the third trimester is going on, if you feel very tired during that time.

If you are not feeling energetic, then consume mango. But if you do not have all these conditions mentioned above, then only you should consume mango during pregnancy.

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