Home Remedy For Blood Deficiency, Low Haemoglobin, Tiredness and Weak Immunity 

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You often feel tired, fatigued, you may walk a little but you huff a lot, your face is getting pale, you feel lazy and you do not feel like working. These are very clear symptom of the blood deficiency and the weakness of your veins. The prominent reason why you are deficient of blood is the deficiency of two things primarily. One is the deficiency of  iron in your body and second is the deficiency of vitamin-C.

It could be strange for you to understand why vitamin-C is there when we are talking about the deficiency of blood. Now for the production of the blood in your body, that is primarily the haemoglobin, you require good amount of iron content. You may eat various things to supplement this deficiency of iron but the absorption of iron becomes another problem. For the absorption of the ion in your body, the requirement of vitamin-C comes in.

So in this article, we are going to understand few tips, few food items that you should be including in your diet to combat this problem of blood deficiency. Some food items that are rich in vitamin-C and iron. Other than this vitamin-C will also contribute in strengthening your immunity.

So in all this article will be beneficial for everyone who want to have a good amount of blood circulation in their body, to decrease the deficiency of blood, to boost their immunity and to make for any weakness in their veins.

Already we have covered up how you will get to know that you are having deficiency of blood. Other than this, a very common symptom and and very easily to detect symptom is that you may feel the heartbeats getting

very high. So the increase in the heartbeat is also one of the symptoms of the blood deficiency in the body. You may get irritated very easily, some symptoms on your face will be visible like the paleness of your face, the hair problem could be there like the hair fall is a very common problem.

Let us understand how you will combat this situation. Not only you will have to eat the food and the fruits that are rich rich in iron but you also have to eat vitamin-C as already told that the absorption of iron is enhanced and is supported when you have a good amount of vitamin-C in your body.

So the deficiency of iron can be fulfilled if you are eating good amount of green leafy vegetables and also vegetables that are green in color like broccoli, capsicum etc. Other than this, the leafy greens are very very good source of iron. You can go for spinach, you can go for Fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves, green amaranth is also very good for you.

So these all things should be a part of your diet when you are struggling to get over from this deficiency of blood.

But let us tell you one thing that you should not be eating these green leafy vegetables at night.

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Apart from this,  pomegranate is considered very good to overcome this deficiency of iron. It has got ample amount of iron so you should be drinking at least one glass full of pomegranate juice every day. If it is not possible, you can drink two or three times in a week.

As the pomegranate is bit costlier sometimes so the better and the cheaper version is to go for the green leafy vegetables or you can go for the beetroot juice. This is also considered very good to overcome the deficiency of iron.

The next thing you should be eating is the black sesame. Now black sesame is a very good thing to supply a good amount of iron for you. You can eat black sesame in various things like in salad you can pour, you can eat them raw, you can make a paste out of it this is very delicious.

Also you should be including sesame oil in your diet. The black sesame is helpful in exponentially increasing iron in your body, providing the stamina to your body helping to boost your veins and the muscle power.

Now the next step is to include resins in your diet. The black color resins (benefits of munakka) will be more beneficial for you. Good way of eating raisins is to soak palmful of raisins overnight in a bowl full of water and consume them as a first thing to be eaten in the morning.

Also don’t forget to drink the water that resins have been soaked inside. Because this water becomes very very nutritious, so you have to chew the soaked resins and after this you have to drink the leftover water. This is highly beneficial for you in overcoming the deficiency of iron in your body.

Similarly you can include dates. Dates are also considered very good source of iron. Dates will also be helpful in giving you instant energy as well. Similarly you can add honey to your diet in place of sugar for increasing iron in body.

Whenever you are having the deficiency of iron or the deficiency of blood, you should be drinking water as much as possible. It will be highly beneficial for you to have a practice of drinking water that has been stored in a vessel of copper. This kind of water becomes so powerful that it will not only increase your immunity and stamina but also will help you in decreasing this problem of deficiency of blood in your body.

So till now we have discussed how you should be increasing the iron content in your body but for the absorption of the iron you

are taking in will be done by including vitamin-C supply in your body. That you can easily do by eating lots of citrus fruits like oranges, Indian gooseberries(amla), lemon is also a very good source of vitamin-C. Also guava is also very good if you consider to provide the vitamin-C.

So vitamin-C and iron both will make for the deficiency of iron, the problem of the weakening of the veins, to build build up your immunity and the stamina will automatically be taken care of when you are including all these things in your diet.

I hope this article will be of importance for you. So try to include these things in your diet. These things we have talked are quite herbal things and it will take their own time to overcome the deficiency of iron but you should also be consulting your healthcare provider to seek the medical advice as well.

So this was all in this article. Thank you very much for reading. Kindly share with others for broader reach. Stay Happy | Stay Healthy

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