These Herbs Suck Away Sciatica Pain, Back Pain, Leg and Joint Pains

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In this article we are going to talk about Sciatica. It is related to intense back pain or the leg pain and this may be due to the slip disc wherein you will find a lot of difficulty in walking, getting up, sitting sometimes. You would notice intense pain in the leg, intense weakness, swelling and burning sensation is there.

So this pain of Sciatica can be felt anywhere on your leg and this pain is really unbearable. So in this article, we will understand about some of the home remedies and some of the ayurvedic herbs to get a relief from this problem of Sciatica.

Now first of all, let us understand what is Sciatica. Sciatica is a type of a nerve pain and this is caused by a nerve known as Sciatic nerve. This Sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in our body. It starts from the the lower back and it runs through your buttocks to the sole of your feet.

Now most of this time this problem of Sciatica occurs when a disc in our spine slips. This slipping of this disc will put a pressure on the nerve and it will cause you tremendous pain back pain could be there or you would feel intense pain in your leg.

Let us understand some of the Herbal tips, some of the ayurvedic herbs that you can include in your diet to get a relief from this intense pain.

The first thing we will talk about Moringa oleifera. Moringa is also known as drumsticks and this is a very powerful herb. it contains great amount of calcium, the content of calcium in Moringa is approximately five times more than found in milk. The vitamin content is approximately seven times that you will find in oranges. If you talk about the potassium content, it has got at least 15 times more potassium content than present in banana.

So when you consume Moringa, it contains abundant amount of calcium which will keep your bones strong. If you’re suffering from back pain or sciatic pain then consuming Moringa or the drumstick will help you a lot. Other than this the Moringa leaves are also very much beneficial. Take some leaves of moringa and heat them up and place them where you are feeling the pain. It may be your back pain, it may be your knee pain, you have to just heat some of the leaves and put it there and and after that you have to wrap it up with cloth. Let it stay there, after this you have to avoid this wrapped area from the direct air. This will help you a lot if you are having any problem of swelling or the joint pain.

Next thing you can eat is cinnamon. It is a quite easily available herb and it is available in almost all the kitchens. It is a great source of fiber and it has got antioxidant properties. It has got elements like phosphorus, calcium, zinc, cinnamic acid and cinnamic aldehyde. It has a property to repair the damaged vein and increase the blood circulation in them. Thereby it will reduce the problem of swelling as well, the problem of weakness will also go away.

You can take half teaspoon of cinnamon, mix it with a spoonful of honey and you can directly eat it up or you can mix it in a lukewarm water and drink it. If you do it regularly every morning it will give you great relief in the problem of leg pain, back pain joint pains and sciatica.

Now the next remedy to get a relief when you are having a sciatic pain or any sort of the joint pain is to apply heated castor oil . The castor oil should be hot enough to be tolerated and you can apply it on the affected area. It will give you great relief in reducing the sciatic pain and the other joints and back pain.

You should start including olive oil in your diet. Castor oil is good to be applied but if you are including olive oil in your diet. Whatever things you cooking it is really beneficial for you in any sort of the joint pain, back pain or Sciatica. It is great relief, it will increase the lubrication in the joint making your joint more flexible.

Olive oil contains high amount of Oleocanthal which acts as a great pin reliever. So instead of going for any other oil, if you are including olive oil in your making of all the cuisines, anything you are cooking you should be cooking in olive oil. Though olive oil is way costlier than other oils so at least twice a week if you are including them in your diet it is good for you to relieve you from the back pain, leg pain, sciatic problems and the joint pains.

There is one more remedy which will help you a lot in this problem. If you soak two to three figs in olive oil overnight and eat them in the morning it will give you plenty of fiber with the goodness of the olive oil. This will not only improve your digestion because it has got all the good bacteria in all the way, it is good for you to get the relief from these joint pains, sciatic pains and the pain around your back.

Next we will talk about berries. Now berries are having great antioxidant properties. They will act as a shield against inflammation which will provide you great relief in pains like sciatica, leg pain, back pain. So in berries, you can consume like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, Goji berries and the cranberries. They all are very good and having great properties which will relieve you from the inflammation, joint pain and the sciatica problems.

The next remedy is to go for hot and cold packs that is to do fermentation with them. Now this is a quite popular way to reduce the pain due to sciatica or any joint pain. We are always and often applying these hot packs or the cold packs but there is a way to it. Most of the people do a mistake while using these packs.

There is a very simple rule that in the initial stage of your swelling or inflammation or any pain, you should be first starting with the cool compresses that is the cool bags you should be using initially. Once your swelling is reduced, when your muscle stiffness is reduced, then you have to switch over to the the hot compression or the hot fermentation.

That is in the beginning for about 2 to 3 days, you have to use the cold back and after that when the pain subsides a little and there is less stiffness in the muscles, then you have to apply the hot packs. Other mistake normally people do whenever they are applying cold or the hot fermentation is that they are applying it directly. It should never be done. You have to provide a thin insulation between your affected area and the packs. For this if nothing has come with your cold or hot pack, you can simply wrap it up in a thin towel and then you have to apply it or place it over the affected area.

Now allied with this home remedy, there is one more remedy. You can go for the rock salt treatment it is like mixing rock salt in a hot water or a warm water you can say and you have to place your affected area for at least 20 to 30 minutes in it. Now the rock salt or the Epsom salt you can use and it contains good amount of magnesium sulphate, which will help you in relaxing your muscles. Due to which, the stiffness that is there in the lower back and around your buttocks are reduced highly. This will in turn reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve and this will ultimately give you relief from pain in case of sciatica.

Now apart from this there are two more very popular herbs. Ashwagandha and other is Guggulu. They are very traditional herbs in reducing the inflammation because they have got lot of anti-inflammatory properties. They both are very good for your sciatic pain or back pain or the joint pain. But how to take them and how much you have to take them, for this you need to first see your healthcare provider to know your appropriate doses.

Normally in powder form, you can take one or two spoonful with warm water. This is good for you so.

This is all about how you have to take care of the sciatica and the joint pain or any sort of the leg pain back pain. These all home remedies are great help for you.

Now apart from all these things, you need to understand that you have to keep your weight as less as you can. For this you have to understand that you should not be eating fried things more often,  eat less oily and spicy thing. So take care of your health, take care of your weight. This will lessen the pressure on the sciatic nerve as well and when you will do all these things then you will find great relief and the reduction in all these sort of the pains.

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