Avoid Eating Them At Night To Keep Off Obesity, Indigestion, Sleeping and Health Disorder

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Have you ever thought what could happen to you if you are eating certain things at night. If you have an answer in no then this article is highly crucial for you. In this article, we will tell you certain food that you should not be eating at night time. So let us understand few points that would be beneficial for you when you are having your dinner.

The number one point is to eat at right time. It is believed that you should be taking your dinner before the sundown. So it could be any time when the Sun is setting in your place. You should be eating your dinner around at that time. This is because after the sunset, the metabolism goes very very slow and it will give you tremendous problem in the digestion. Ultimately this can make you overweight.

Second thing is to keep your dinner as simple as possible and as light as possible. Do not eat the things that are hard to digest because again they will give you acidity, heartburn problem. As your metabolism is low, food will not get digested properly so you can have

various problem related to stomach, indigestion, blotting etc. The very obvious effect is that you would get overweight or obese.

So this is a very general thing about your dinner. Let us now focus on the food that you should not be eating at night because they are not good for your health.

So let us start and the first in the list is salad. Now you may think that salad is always beneficial for you. Just because it has got ample of fiber, it is good for your digestion and can resolve lots of problem of the stomach. But on the contrary, if you are eating salad at night it will lower down your metabolism.

Due to which you will have problems like indigestion, bloating, gastric issues, acidity, heartburn. These all problems related to the stomach you may experience if you are eating salad at night.

The next is the green leafy vegetables. You will be astounded to know this. As it is generally said that you should be eating Green leafy vegetables but definitely it has a proper time for consumption. You cannot eat green leafy vegetable any time. If you are eating your dinner, kindly avoid green leafy vegetables.

Most of the green leafy vegetables are having chlorophyll in them. This could disturb your metabolism. It can increase the problem of acidity and this will ultimately impact your quality of sleep. Other problem could be the soreness in your muscles, the knee pain, anxiety and depression.

Also the problem of weakness of nerves and veins can happen to you if you are eating green leafy vegetable at night. So better to consume green leafy vegetables only at the daytime but kindly avoid these things at your dinner.

Now the next thing is eating fruits at night. Fruits are considered very good for you. You can eat good amount of food anytime during your day and basically fruits are said to be eaten before 12:00 p.m. in the morning. But kindly avoid eating fruits at night because they are not good for your health.

Sometimes it is a very common practice seen whosoever wants to reduce their weight, they would be putting themselves in a salad diet or a fruit diet for the dinner. Without knowing that instead of giving them benefits this is going to harm their health.

Fruits are also eaten by people who are diabetic because they think that it is not containing sugar but fructose but fructose and fiber that is present in ample amount in fruits can again make your metabolism go down.

Once your metabolism is low, it is further lowered by eating the fruits at night. It will impact your digestion, you may have problem like bloating, gas issues which may give you sleepless night.

Also if you are thinking that it will help you in losing weight you’re wrong because on the contrary it will increase your weight if you are eating fruits at night so kindly avoid eating fruits at night they are not good for your health.

Now the next item you should not eat at night or at dinner is curd. I’m sure that most of the people have heard from various other sources and from the elderly people not to eat curd or raita, made out of curd, at night. But you may not have the answer of it why curd is said to be a NO NO food for dinner.

Curd has got tremendous properties. It is helpful in digestion as well. Then why it is said not to eat curd at night? Now apart from the benefit of probiotic, curd is also very rich in iron content. Now iron content is good for you else wise but if you are eating curd at night then this tremendous amount of iron content can lower down your metabolism. This will in turn affect your digestive system and also your quality of sleep.

You may also experience the problem of cough if you are eating curd at night. You may have throat infection, the problem of mucus, you can put on extra weight and increase in blood pressure can happen to you.

Apart from the digestive issues, some people may experience the problems like stress, depression, stressed out, getting lethargic or enervated, the lowering of the cognitive ability. Some people may experience the problem of hair fall and the oily skin. So these all problem can happen to you if you are in curd at night.

Now the next food we are talking are sprouts. Yes, sprouts are super food. They are having high nutrition value but also we know that they are considered good to be eaten as a breakfast. If you are including Sprouts at night they are not beneficial for you.

Now Sprouts are sometimes consumed as salad and as I already told about the salad being very high in fiber, they can impact your metabolism in wrong way. Especially this will happen at night when your metabolism is already compromised after the sundown. So ultimately it will impact your quality of sleep and other digestive issues can be experienced.

The next thing to avoid during night is eating lot of spicy food. When you eat spicy food, it may give you problems like heartburn and  acid reflex. It may impact your metabolism and it will directly impact your sleep. So try to avoid spicy food at night, try to avoid heavy food at night and restrict to very light and a simple diet.

The next thing is some people are fond of drinking coffee or tea before they go to bed at night. This is again a very very bad thing. Tea or coffee has got good amount of caffeine and it will directly impact your sleep.

Most of the people have seen that whensoever they have to wake up at night for long hours they go on drinking tea or coffee to make themselves awake. This usually happen when you are sitting for long hours at night for your next day exam or presentation.

This is a quite common practice and so this should be noted that if you are taking these things like tea and coffee at the night time, it will impact your quality of sleep. Apart from this, it can lead to the problems like heartburn and indigestion.

So these were the very common things that you should not be eating or drinking at night and what all measures you should take like eating a light diet eating anything before the sundown. So these were the rules and if you’re following these rules you will have a good night also your health will be good. Thank you very much for reading. Peace out –  Stay Happy | Stay Healthy

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