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After Conception Women Feel Pain At 4 Body Parts : Pregnancy Symptoms of Conception

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Beginning of body pain after pregnancy

When you conceive, you may start experiencing pain soon after the baby gets implanted in your womb.But Where will the pain start immediately after conception?

Soon after ovulation(when do woman ovulates) if you make relation with your partner and if your egg gets fertilized you become pregnant. From that very moment important changes start taking place in your body. So, whether your pregnancy is confirmed or not, you will realize it only when you miss your period. After that, when you do a pregnancy test, you will come to know whether you are pregnant or not.

But even before that, you may experience some pain in the body, as the first pain you start to feel will likely be in your head.

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Major hormonal changes during pregnancy

When you are pregnant the hormone levels in your body change rapidly. Hormones like HCG, which are present in your body from the beginning, increase rapidly. HCG i.e. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, along with estrogen and progesterone hormones also increase their levels. These hormones, as they increase in your body, bring about various changes and sometimes you may start experiencing pain.

Feeling weak during pregnancy

Another reason for this is that during this time you may start feeling weak because a tiny life is developing inside your body. Rapid changes occur in your body and you start feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, you may feel some discomfort in your body, although it will not be excessive. However, this pain may remain persistent.

Headache during pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, your body’s energy requirements also increase due to hormonal changes. If you do not change your diet, it may cause mild headache. Therefore, during the early stages of pregnancy, you may experience mild, frequent headaches.

Stomach ache during pregnancy

Most pregnant women experience pain in the stomach and lower abdomen in the first, second and third month of pregnancy. This pain also indicates the beginning of pregnancy. Although the pain will not be severe, it will persist.

During the early stages of pregnancy, your uterus, which is initially small, gradually begins to expand and this expansion puts pressure on the blood vessels in your lower abdomen. Due to this, there may be a complaint of reduced blood supply during this period.

Breast pain during pregnancy

Now the third pain that a woman experiences is in her chest. What will happen immediately after conceiving is that you will feel slight cramps in your breasts, there will be sensitivity and in addition, you will feel pain in your breasts while walking or sitting. Even if you touch them you will feel pain. During this time you may experience such pain in your breast

Back/waist pain during pregnancy

And the fourth and last pain that you will have to face in the initial phase will be that of your back and waist. So what happens in the initial stage is that as the hormone levels start increasing very rapidly, from this very moment extra blood starts being produced in your body. Fluid also builds up very rapidly in your body.

Your uterus slowly begins to grow, putting pressure on the blood vessels in your groin. Due to which you may complain of back pain during this period.

Another reason for this could also be that due to hormonal changes you may suddenly complain of back pain during that time.

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How normal is this pain during pregnancy

So these four pains, you may start experiencing in the early stages of pregnancy, from the time your baby is in your tummy. So in such a situation, you do not need to worry about why I suddenly started having so many pains simultaneously. It is very normal to have this pain.

This will be very beneficial for you in the first quarter. But as pregnancy progresses, these pains gradually subside. However, when your third trimester arrives, these pains may bother you a little more.

Why No pain during pregnancy

Every woman’s pregnancy is unique, and not everyone will experience the same intensity of pain. So, don’t stress over why you aren’t feeling a particular type of pain. Whether you feel it or not, rest assured that your pregnancy is progressing.

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