Eating ice cream during pregnancy – How Baby Inside Womb Feels

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Eating ice cream during pregnancy. Ice cream is such a thing that it is loved by every age group be it children, kids, infant, young, old, anyone. Everyone loves eating ice cream. But if you are pregnant you may be in a doubt whether you can eat ice cream or not.

In this article you will learn everything about eating ice cream during pregnancy. So let’s get started.

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Eating ice cream during pregnancy is safe. However you need to understand some of the points that you should always keep in your mind and then you can eat ice cream with limitations.

Benefits of eating ice cream during pregnancy

Ice cream is primarily made of milk, cream with added fruits and dry fruits and sugar. So, ice cream has got lots of nutrients in it. Protein is there, calcium is there. So, ice cream is automatically rich in protein and calcium. Protein is very much required for the overall development of the baby. Calcium is required when the bone development of baby is going on.

Also during pregnancy even the pregnant women fall deficient of calcium so you get quite good amount of calcium and protein from eating ice cream. Ice cream also contains vitamin-A and vitamin B-12, which is very much important for the development of brain of baby in the womb. During pregnancy, heartburn is a very common problem. If you are suffering from heartburn or acidity, you can always go for a scoopfull of ice cream.It will alleviate your problem of heartburn and acidity. Ice cream works great on reducing heartburn and acidity.

So these are all the benefits of eating ice cream during pregnancy but as stated earlier you need to understand the precautions as well.

Precautions while eating ice cream during pregnancy

First precaution is that always go for a branded ice cream from a well known ice cream parlor because ice creams are very much prone to bacteria infections.Listeria is a common bacteria that is found in ice cream when the machines where in ice cream is kept are not taken care of properly. Hygiene of the machine matters a lot. So if you are going for ice cream from the market, make it sure that you are taking it from a known vendors who are very much concerned about the hygiene for the storage.

Second point is that always check that the ice cream is made up of pasteurized milk. This is very much important.

Third thing is, if possible always go for the low fat ice cream. As ice cream are very very sweet. So if you are suffering from gestational diabetes kindly avoid ice cream as they can increase the sugar level in your blood which is not good at all during pregnancy.

Also the calorie and fat contain of ice cream is very much high. So, it can increase your undue weight. During pregnancy, your immunity is highly compromised. So, if you eat ice cream in excess amount, you can suffer from sinus or other breathing problems.


So, as there are benefits and also there are some demerits but if you are eating ice cream in limit, you will get more of the benefits than the disadvantages. So, do not exceed consumption of ice cream from one to two scoops and also make it sure that you do not experiment with the different different flavours of ice cream during pregnancy. Restrict yourself with the very consistent flavours like strawberry, mango, tooti- frooty – this kind of ice cream.
Avoid the ice cream which has the flavours like caffeine, coffee, green tea etc. Because they are having some portion of caffeine in it which is considered not good for you during pregnancy.

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What Happens When Pregnant Women Eat Ice-Cream

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