Unwanted Pregnancy Home Remedy | Naturally Getting Rid Of Unplanned Pregnancy

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If a woman misses her period, then it is a very big sign and probability that the woman is pregnant. There may be other reasons for this as well, but the chances are very high that the woman has conceived pregnancy. Now let us know how you can end it naturally at home.

If you are habitual of ending your unplanned pregnancy taking medicines everytime then somewhere in such a situation, the woman’s body starts becoming very weak. And later when the woman wants to get pregnant, then there can be a lot of problems in getting pregnant.

Now know its home remedies. The very first recipe is turmeric water. You have to take a spoonful of turmeric boil it with water, filter it and drink first thing in the morning. Similarly, you have to use this recipe in the evening as well. So when you consume turmeric hot water at two times, it will generate heat in your body and it is helpful in ending your unwanted pregnancy.

Another recipe is fenugreek seed water. Put half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a bowl of water and cover it. In the morning, boil this water well enough that the water be reduced to at least half. When it is lukewarm, filter it and drink it. If you do this for two-three days, then you will get the solution.

The third recipe is ginger. Ginger has a hot potency. In winter, we use ginger a lot in tea so that our body remains warm. You have to take a piece of ginger about 1 inch or if you want, grate the piece and boil it with 1 glass of water, filter it after it is lukewarm and consume it. If you do this two-three times a day, then in this way heat will arise in your body, which will induce periods. Hot things create heat in your body, so you should consume hot things in your food. Eat spicy things. Use more garam masala in your food so that your unwanted pregnancy will end and your periods will resume.

Other than this you can also try fruits like raw green papaya, pineapple, sapota and black grapes. They are also helpful in giving contractions that will lead to naturally getting rid of pregnancy.These methods must be adopted in first or early second month of pregnancy only. Other than this you should visit your doctor instead of relying on the upcoming home remedies in this article
If your periods come with these home remedies, then it is a very good thing. But if these remedies do not work in 3 to 4 days, then you have to take the medicine only after showing it to a gynaecologist.

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