Chandra Grahan 2023 Date and Time In India | 29 October 2023 Chandra Grahan and Pregnancy Measures

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29 October Chandra Grahan Date and Time

This year, a solar eclipse occurred on October 14 and now a second eclipse that is chandra grahan is also going to occur within 15 days. The second and last eclipse of the year will be the lunar eclipse on 29th October. This lunar eclipse will take place on the day of Sharad Purnima. Due to the occurrence of two eclipses within 15 days, its effect becomes even greater. In such a situation, when this lunar eclipse is going to occur in India also, pregnant women should be extremely careful.

How Lunar Eclipse Occurs

When the revolving Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, then the Sun’s light is not able to reach the Moon. Rather, due to the Earth being in the middle, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon. Similarly, a lunar eclipse will occur on 29th October. This eclipse will also take place in India and hence its Sutak will also be valid. This will be a partial lunar eclipse (Khandgras Chandra Grahan 2023 Date and Time)and it will occur at midnight between two dates i.e. 28 October and 29 October 2023. 

28 to 29 October – Time and Sutak Period of Lunar Eclipse

Sutak period of lunar eclipse starts 28 October 04:05 PM (04:05 PM 28 Oct 2023)
Rare shadow entry of lunar eclipse 28 October at 11 pm 32 minutes (11:32 PM 28 Oct 2023)
Touch of lunar eclipse 29 October at 1:05 pm (01:05 AM 29 Oct 2023)
Middle of lunar eclipse 29 October at 1:44 pm (01:44 AM 29 Oct 2023)
Salvation of lunar eclipse 29 October midnight 2:23 minutes (02:23 AM 29 Oct 2023)
End of lunar eclipse 29 October midnight 3:56 minutes (03:56 AM 29 Oct 2023)

Sutak period ends with the end time of eclipse as well.

Chandra Grahan Tonight, 29 October , follow date and time in India.

NOTE: This time is according to Indian Standard Time (IST). If you are in a timezone other than India, please convert the IST time as per your region.

Effect of lunar eclipse on pregnancy

This October 29 eclipse (29 October Chandra Grahan Date and Time ), which occurs within 15 days of the solar eclipse, is very special for pregnant women. An chandra grahan 2023 has a great impact on human life, but due to the weak planetary positions(grah) and zodiac status of the pregnant woman at this time, the impact of the eclipse is seen more on pregnant women.

At the time of lunar eclipse, the rays of the eclipse contaminate the environment, which pregnant women should avoid. These contaminated and harmful rays are not considered good even for the baby growing in the womb. This eclipse is very special from spiritual, scientific and religious point of view. Pregnant women have to take special precautions during the lunar eclipse so that the eclipse does not have any side effects on the baby in the womb.

Pregnant Women Must Do on 29th October Eclipse

Sutak period precautions

Sutak will start exactly 9 hours before the lunar eclipse/ chandra grahan 2023 starting time. Pregnant women have to start taking precautions right from the Sutak period. Pregnant women have to stay indoors from the Sutak period till the end of the lunar eclipse. Pregnant women can’t perform puja, can’t touch the idols of God. If there is a temple in the house, then close the door before the Sutak period or cover it with a clean cloth. Starting any new or auspicious work is to be avoided. Doing this gives inauspicious results.

Pluck basil leaves before Sutak period

Basil leaves (holy tulsi leaves) have great importance during eclipse. Basil leaves should be plucked and added to prepared food and water before the Sutak period. It is a sin to pluck Tulsi leaves after the Sutak period. After plucking the basil leaves, wash them and store them in the fridge so that they retain moisture and remain fresh.

Pregnant women do’s and don’ts during lunar eclipse

Have to stay indoors: A pregnant woman has to stay indoors since the Sutak period. Stay in a place where the harmful rays of the lunar eclipse cannot reach you. Windows and doors should be closed and curtains should also be drawn. For additional protection, pregnant women should apply basil or sandalwood paste on their stomach. You can also apply a paste of Kusha grass and cow dung.

Pregnant women should not go out during Sutak period and eclipse period. If for some reason you have to go out, take some basil leaves and coconut with you. By doing this, the ill effect of eclipse does not work on you. However, try to stay indoors during the eclipse period.

Keep a coconut with you: You have to keep a coconut with you even before the eclipse starts. It can be any kind of coconut. Coired, watery or dry coconut. Apart from this, hang a black thread equal to your height somewhere in the room. YOU can do either one or both as you wish. By doing this, the harmful rays of the eclipse do not affect your pregnancy. At the end of the eclipse, you can put this coconut and thread in clean running water or a river or bury it in the soil.

One should not eat or drink anything: One should not eat or drink anything during the eclipse period. Doing so is considered taboo. It is forbidden to go to the toilet when an eclipse is going on. Before the eclipse period, your eating and drinking habits should be such that you neither feel hungry, nor thirsty, nor have the need to go to the toilet during the eclipse period. Drink water in limit so that you do not have to urinate.

During the eclipse period, children, elderly and sick people are allowed to eat and drink. If your pregnancy is not going well, you will fall under the category of sick and you can eat and drink during the eclipse period. If your pregnancy is going healthy then you have to follow the rules of eating, drinking and toilet.

In any case, if there is a need to eat or drink during the eclipse period, then you can eat and drink only that thing in which basil leaves have been added before the eclipse period.

Do not touch any sharp or edged object: A pregnant woman should not touch any sharp, pointed or edged object during the eclipse period. That means, during the eclipse period, you have to keep distance from things like knife, nail, scissors, needle, pin etc. By touching such sharp things during the eclipse period, there is a fear of the baby’s body parts being cut, torn or joined in the womb. You must have noticed that some children have their limbs amputated since birth, their lips are cleft, or their fingers, hands or legs are fused together. These are some examples of what is meant by cutting, tearing or joining of organs.

Do not worship during the eclipse period: Eclipse prohibits worshiping God through Sutak. Touching of idols of God is also considered prohibited . You should close the temple before the Sutak period. If there are no doors in the temple, you can cover them with a clean cloth. The temple is not to be touched until the eclipse ends.

Pregnant women should not sleep at all during the eclipse period: Sleeping during the eclipse period is prohibited. If you are tired, you can sit or lie down on the bed but you cannot sleep. If pregnancy is not going well, or children and old people may not follow this rule at this time. There is a waiver for them.

How to chant the mantra: It is believed that chanting the mantra done at the time of lunar eclipse is one lakh times fruitful. During the lunar eclipse period, you can do this chant by sitting anywhere in a clean and hygienic place but not in the temple as the temple is closed. Chanting Shiv Chalisa, Gayatri Mantra, Lord Vishnu’s Mantra, Aditya Hridaya Stotra, Durga Stuti and Mantra of Chandra(Moon) God is very effective and gives auspicious results.

Stay away from bad thoughts: Do not harbor bad thoughts in your mind, do not think wrong about anyone, do not cause mental or physical trouble to any child. Doing this has a negative impact on the brain and body of the child growing in your womb.

Take bath before and after the eclipse period: A pregnant woman must take bath before and after the eclipse period. At the end of the eclipse, take bath, change your clothes and sprinkle Ganga water on yourself. Then sprinkle Ganga water on the temple of the house also. After this, sprinkle Ganga water in the entire house. By doing this the house becomes sacred again and the effect of harmful rays of the eclipse period also gets eliminated.

29 October Lunar Eclipse Visibility Around The World

Chandra Grahan 2023 visible in India or not 

Chandra Grahan will occur from October 28 to October 29 and will be visible in India. For this reason its Sutak will also be valid.

Around The World

Apart from India, this lunar eclipse will be visible in the Indian Ocean, Europe, Africa, Antarctica, South Pacific Ocean, South-Eastern America, Australia, entire Asia, North Eastern region of North America.

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Disclaimer: We do not guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the information and calculations given in this article. We have taken this information from various mediums, astrologers, panchaang, beliefs and religious scriptures. Our aim is only to provide information, for its correct evaluation you should contact your religious guru or astrologer.

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