Diwali 2023 Date, Time and Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts

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Diwali 2023: Date and Time 

Diwali(Deepawali) will be celebrated in India on 12 November 2023.

Dhanteras 10 November 2023 Friday
Choti Diwali 11 November 2023 Saturday
Diwali 12 November 2023 Sunday
Lord Lakshmi Pooja Time 04:21 PM –  06:02 PM
Amavasya Tithi Starts 11:14 AM
Goverdhan Pooja  13 November 2023 Monday
Amavasya Thithi Ends  11:26 AM
Bhaiya Dooj 14 November 2023

Auspicious time For Diwali 2023 

Start: 12th November 2023 at 2:44 pm

End: 13 November 2023, Monday 2:56 pm

Dhanteras 2023 date and time, Choti Diwali 2023 date and time, Goverdhan Pooja 2023 date and time, Bhaiyya Dooj 2023 date and time is also mentioned for convenience. Time is mentioned in IST i.e. Indian Standard Time. 

Diwali and Pregnancy

On 12th November 2023, Diwali or Deepawali will be celebrated in India.
If you are pregnant, there are few things you need to understand because this festival of light and joy should end beautifully for you and you should not get into any sort of trouble that often pregnant women face.

So, In this article you will know some of the things you should be keeping in mind while celebrating diwali

Cleaning Home

Number one thing is that usually we carry out lots of cleaning activity at home at the time of Diwali. We want to clean every corner of the house so as to please Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of fortune to come in our house and bless us with prosperity.

But make it sure that you are not lifting heavy objects because this time we usually climb up the stairs, want to clean each nick and corner of our house. It will be better for you that you restrict yourself only into the direction and let this lifting of the object, moving object here and there for the cleaning to be delegated to some other people. This is because during pregnancy the probability of sliding, sliping or falling are quite high due to your unbalanced body and weight.

During this time you may be using some chemicals for the cleaning. Some house also has painting work going on.So if this is the case just make it sure that you are delaying it till your delivery because painting and the smell out of it is not at all good for you to bear. It may cause problems like vomiting , nausea and headache.

During Pregnancy when you are facing so many problem in pregnancy do not deteriorate your mind, your mood and your health.

Eat Sweets in Control

Sweets and various sort of Indian cuisines are there at the time of Diwali. So sweets will add up to the sugar in your blood and the cuisine that mainly consist of the oil like puri etc will be having lots of fat content.

These things are not at all advised for you during pregnancy. Keep check on to them. You cannot completely avoid them but you can at least eat them in limit. If you will over eat, it will shoot up your blood sugar level. Which will make you diabetic during pregnancy and could lead to preterm labour problems. Also overeating can make you overweight and it will decrease the chances of a normal delivery.

Bursting Crackers

Now about crackers, try to avoid bursting the crackers because the fumes out from them is so harsh that it can again trigger the problem like asthma, vomiting, headache and nausea.

Also to burn the crackers you have to be very agile and during pregnancy you are already having so unbalanced body that if you want to be agile you may get into some problems like slipping and falling down. This will wreck havoc your pregnancy or will give you tremendous problems.

Avoid Crowded Places

Women also like to go to beauty parlours because this time they will be welcoming the guest or they would be going as a guest to some other places.

But these places like beauty parlour is not at all advised during pregnancy as they being overcrowded can lead to some sort of problem like nausea and vomiting or jerks. Other than this the chemicals that would be used in beauty parlor are also not good for your pregnancy and for the developing baby inside the womb.

So this festival of Diwali can be celebrated with essence of light and happiness and you should not do anything wrong to invite a down turn for you.

This was all in this article. In this way, you can celebrate the festival of joy and happiness on 12 November 2023 taking these precautions in pregnancy.

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