Normal Delivery Tips During Pregnancy

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Many women resort to c-section to avoid the pain of normal delivery. Although you will have a normal delivery or a C-section, many factors work behind it, there are many reasons. Sometimes your pregnancy is not healthy, sometimes you get those complications. Sometimes things happen at the last time, so that even if you had a normal delivery probability, ultimately c-section is done. This may be last minutes call in some cases.

Can the chances of normal delivery be increased

But your chances of a normal delivery can be increased and at the same time you will have to bear less pain. So in this article there are very important tips for you. If you want that you have normal delivery that too with minimum pain, then read this blog completely without skipping to know what these tips are.

Before knowing how to increase the chances of normal delivery, you have to understand about the factors that determines the possibility of normal delivery.

These factors determine whether you will have a normal delivery or not

First Time Pregnancy or Not

If this is your second pregnancy – the first baby is from your vaginal delivery, that is, you have had a normal delivery then your chances become much higher of normal delivery again.

Complications During Pregnancy

If you are physically very active, you do not have any complications, you are not at bed rest, neither are you too weak, nor too overweight. The location of placenta is just OK. Then the chances of normal delivery are high.

Medical History

If you do have any kind of disease, such as asthma, high blood pressure, your blood sugar, low haemoglobin or breathing problem – even then there may be complications at the time of delivery. This decreases the chances of normal delivery.

Baby Position in Womb

If the position of the baby in the womb remains perfect, like cephalic position then it’s possible to have a normal delivery. The above 3 factors are valid only if the position of the baby is correct. By the end of 36 weeks, the baby should have fixed the head to the pelvic region.

Now let’s know what increases your chances of having a normal delivery. What should you try at your level to increase the chances of normal delivery.

Tips to Improve Chances of Normal Delivery

Improve Your Mental Stability

The first thing you have to do is to be emotionally strong during this time, you do not have to take stress at all. It helps a lot in having a normal delivery. During pregnancy, certain hormones are build in your body which give you stress, anxiety and mood swings. At this time your brain is also not working optimally. From the sixth month onwards, if you read good books, then it has a direct effect on your unborn baby. Sweet music also has a positive effect on the baby. The kind of books you read, the music you listen to, the type of TV serials you watch, what you think has a direct effect on the unborn baby. You have to keep your positive attitude first of all.

Be Physically Active

In pregnancy, you have to be physically active, you have to do yoga, pranayama, exercise and walking is very important. Have a practice to walk for 30 minutes at least in morning and evening.

Do Household Chores

Don’t rest all the time during pregnancy thinking you are pregnant and should not do anything at all. You should perform small daily house chores. It’s better if you sweep and mop the floor. Sitting in a squat position, if you sweep or mop during this time, then it is very beneficial for your normal delivery.

Weight Management

You should control your weight. Along with you, if the weight of the baby is also very high, then the chances of having a normal delivery are reduced. For this, from time to time go on doctor’s visit. Your doctor who would continue to guide you properly on this. At your level, you should not eat too much food, reduce the use of oil and ghee, do not eat outside food at all.

Follow Diet Chart

You must definitely take a diet chart from your doctor and follow it. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day . Drink fruit juices and eat vegetables and fruits.

Sleep Correctly

You must sleep by your left hand side for better oxygen and nutrients supply to baby in womb. You may take right hand side turn intermittently. Avoid sleeping on back and stomach. Sleeping for long or less hours is also not good from the point of delivery and baby growth. Sleep between 8 to 9 hours per day not more than that. 

So these were some measures, some tricks, you can increase your chances of normal delivery. Hope you enjoy this blog.
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