When and Why Baby Heads Down In Womb

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In this article, you will learn what is baby head down position and why this position is important. When and why does the baby come in the head down position in the womb. What are the signs of this change in position by the baby and does it hurt pregnant women or not.

When does the baby head down in the womb

From the 32th week of pregnancy, the unborn baby starts tilting towards the pelvis. Most babies reach this position by the 36th week of pregnancy. This position is important for a normal delivery because the baby’s head, which is the largest part of the baby, should come out first during delivery. This position is called cephalic position and it is very important for normal delivery.

What happens if the baby doesn’t lower the head on time

But at the same time, it should be noted that the child’s activities are uncertain in nature. So even though the baby may not have arrived in a head-down position untill 36th weeks, it is likely to remain in this position by the time of delivery. In some cases, the baby lowers its head shortly before delivery. So never give up on expectations and stay calm and restrained.

Let us now know what are the symptoms you will see when the baby’s head is facing down.

These changes will appear as soon as baby fixes the head to pelvis

  • The upper part of the stomach will feel empty as if the baby has slipped down. The shape of the abdomen changes and it feels like the stomach is hanging down
  • Since the baby’s head is attached to the pelvis, the baby can only move arms and legs. So you will not feel the movement in the lower abdomen, but the movement will be limited to the upper abdomen and sides of the abdomen
  • The problems related to breathing will go away as the weight of the baby is now much less on the lungs. The heaviest part of the baby, which is the head, will no longer put pressure on the lungs as the baby’s head will be attached to the pelvis. So now your breathing problem will also automatically resolve.
  • You will have more urge to urinate. The pressure is relieved from the lungs but now there is more pressure on the bladder. That’s why you have to go to the toilet several times to urinate. This is because the bladder volume is reduced with the increased pressure on it. This makes the bladder fill sooner and so the urge to urinate.
  • Pain: With this position of the baby, you will face back pain and lower abdominal pain as the baby is putting pressure on your pelvis. The baby is down and so the gravity point changes making you have little trouble walking, sitting or standing. Even you have trouble sleeping and for this you can use pregnancy pillows.

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