Piles and hemorrhoids during pregnancy – What is natural way out

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Haemorrhoids or piles during pregnancy

Although pregnant women have minor problems during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, but as your pregnancy progresses, you may also have to face another problems. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, about onethird of women are such that during this time the possibility of piles, also called hemorrhoids, becomes common in pregnant women.

Women who have the problem of hemorrhoids before pregnancy, during this time, that is, due to pregnancy, this problem can increase even more. So if you are also facing this type of problem during pregnancy, then it is very important for you to know the reason. In this article you will know why women face this problem and what is a natural way out for the same.

Some main causes of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Uterine pressure on blood vessels

 From the seventeenth to the eighteenth week of pregnancy, when your fetus starts growing bigger, the size of your uterus starts increasing. This enlarged uterus starts giving light pressure in your lower part, due to which blood vessels are pressuriesed. Due to which the flow of blood increases and this problem arises.

Rapid blood flow

During pregnancy, the blood circulates more rapidly in the body and  the progesterone hormones start increasing, which during this time makes the walls of the blood vessels loose. Due to the weight of the growing baby, there is pressure in these veins. All this brings problems like swelling and strain in pregnant women. In such a situation, the problem of hemorrhoids starts in women.


Constipation is very common during pregnancy. About a third of women develop constipation during pregnancy. So in such a situation, you have hard bowel movements, the force that has to be exerted to do this hard bowel movement. Because of this, many times women have the problem of hemorrhoids.

Some effective ways to prevent it

Drink more water and eat fiber rich food

First of all, as I told you that due to constipation many times it the problem of piles is there, so you have to drink more and more water during this period. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water per day. You have to eat fiber rich diet and fruits. This resolves the problem to great extent.

Do not hold stool pressure for a long time

Second, keep this thing in mind, whenever you want to have a bowel movement, you do not have to wait at all.  You should pass stool without any delay but while passing stool be slow in the process. 

Exercise or walk

During pregnancy you must do Kegel exercises. if you do Kegel exercise improves blood circulation in your pelvic area.This makes the  muscles around the vagina and urinary tract become strong and flexible during this time.


Apart from this, one more thing you can do is to give massage in your anal area.Press it with your finger and massage it lightly, it stimulates a natural process. It might also work for you to pass stool with ease.

Squatting while defecating

Whenever you are in the toilet, you should sit in a squatting position while defecating.This way muscles and blood vessels in your pelvic area have less pressure and do not need to strain for a long time and the bowel movement is easily done. The toilets of India do a very good job in this, so use the Indian toilet during this time. If Indian toilets are not in your house and if you are using western toilets, then keep in mind that put a stool in front of you and keep your feet on it so that there is not much pressure in your pelvic area. This let your bowels pass easily.

Dont Make This Mistake While Sleeping

Whenever you are sleeping, you have to sleep on your side, sleep on your right or left side. Keep in mind that you should never sleep on your back during piles. Anyway, during pregnancy one should not sleep on the back or on the stomach either. 

Don’t be in one position for long time

It will be important to keep in mind that during this time you do not have to sit anywhere for too long, do not stand in one place for too long. When you sit in one place for a long time, whether it is office, home or you are cooking in the kitchen, because in such a situation, there is pressure in your pelvic area. So whenever you change your position, sit up, sit up, walk, then in such a situation, the blood vessels in this area become active, the effect of blood increases, so that you will have piles problem during that time. At least you must do this work.

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