Why Home Pregnancy Test Kit Shows Negative Results | How To Use Home Pregnancy Test Kit

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Many women have this question that “I had my period till such date but after that I have not got period yet, then on which date should I do my pregnancy test?”.

Ensure pregnancy using home pregnancy test

See pregnancy test you can easily do at home, which gives you a very good idea whether you are pregnant or not. The main symptom that you are pregnant is that you have missed your period. But sometimes missing a period can be due to other reasons as well.

If you have missed your period, you want to know with the help of pregnancy test kit whether you are pregnant or not. Then what is the process to take this test correctly, how much time it takes, after how many days it has to be done ? You will know all the information about this from this article.

How Home Pregnancy Test Kit works

How does a pregnancy test kit work? After all how does it detect that you are pregnant? See, the main hormone of pregnancy, which is called pregnancy hormone is HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

This hormone starts secreting in your body as you get pregnant. When you makes a relationship, the male sperm enters into female egg waiting in fallopian tube and the female egg is fertilized. Then fertilized egg gradually gets implanted in the woman’s uterus.

As soon as this process happens, the HCG hormone is immediately produced in the woman’s body which is found in your blood and urine in the later weeks of pregnancy. So in such a situation, the pregnancy test kit checks your urine whether this HCG hormone is present in it or not.

How to understand pregnancy test kit result

To do this test, you have to put your morning urine in the hole given in the test kit. 5 to 6 drops of urine are enough. After this, the result is shown to you in the form of a line appearing in the test kit in 3 minutes.

If 2 lines appear after 3 minutes it means you are pregnant. If only one line comes it means you are not pregnant.

And sometimes there is not even a single line, it means that the test kit is faulty. In such a situation, you should take another test kit and test it again.

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After how many days of missing periods this test should be done

This test should be done about a week after the woman has missed her period so that the woman can get correct results. Because 7 to 8 days after a missed period, the level of this HCG hormone has become good in your blood, which is easily detected by a pregnancy test.

But if some women do this test even after a day or two of missing a period, then their result comes positive many times because the HCG hormone is present in your urine and tells you that you have got pregnant.

But if your test is negative even after 7 days of missing the periods, what you have to do in this, you have to wait for a few more days. After ten days to twelve days, you should do the pregnancy test again because many times this HCG hormone comes very slowly in the woman’s urine.

Test kit result is negative but still pregnant

You should definitely do this test about two or three times. In such a situation, you have to go to the doctor’s clinic to confirm your pregnancy through your beta HCG blood test. Then you will easily and clearly know in the blood test whether you are pregnant or not.

Important things to keep in mind while doing home pregnancy test

  • First urine of the morning has to be used for this home pregnancy test.
  • Do not drink lots of water at night and in the morning. If you drink too much water then the concentration of HCG hormone in your urine decreases. Due to which you may get wrong results.
  • Use only good brand pregnancy home kit

Hope you got a lot of information from this article regarding the pregnancy test. Share the article. thank you


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