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Eating Amla During Pregnancy – Indian Gooseberry During Pregnancy

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Indian Gooseberry (Amla)  is a sour, sweet and very tasty fruit. But VitaminC is so abundant in it that pregnant women should think about whether it is safe for them or not before consuming it. If it is safe then in which month it is safe and at what time amla should be consumed in limited quantity.

Store of VitaminC

1 Indian gooseberry is equal to 16 (sixteen) oranges, which means that you can get vitaminC from sixteen oranges, you can take it from one Indian gooseberry. If your first trimester is going on, then during this time you have to eat Amla in limited quantity. In the early stages of pregnancy, if you intake too much vitaminC, that is, if you eat three to four gooseberries in a day, then it can harm your pregnancy, otherwise it will only benefit you.

Cleans the blood

Consuming Amla purifies your blood, that is, it is a natural blood purifier. In such a situation, many problems that pregnant women are facing, their risk is reduced. It is also very helpful in fighting minor allergies occurring during this time.

Increases immunity

The role of VitaminC is in increasing your immunity and absorbing iron in the blood. During pregnancy, the immunity of pregnant women becomes very weak, so if you eat amla, then the problems of cold, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, morning sickness and allergies etc. are minimized. During this time, if you want to avoid morning sickness, then also you can eat amla or drink amla juice in the morning.

Gets instant strength and energy

Amla is rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins and if your energy level is decreasing too much, you feel more tired, then consuming gooseberry is beneficial. It works to regenerate and activates your cells. Does it so that you become energetic again.

Prevention of constipation

Pregnant women also face the problem of constipation during this time, so if you consume gooseberry, it will also lower your constipation problem. When you go to have a bowel movement in the morning, your stomach gets completely clean.

Urine related problems

Many women get urine infection during pregnancy and this can cause a big problem in your pregnancy. In this case gooseberry can give you a lot of benefits. If you have this type of urinary tract infection, amla works to alleviate them.

BP controls

It is very beneficial in controlling your BP. Many women have the problem of high BP during pregnancy, in such a situation, if you eat amla, then it works to widen your blood vessels. When your blood vessels are wide, then the flow of your blood is very good in it. It happens in a very normal way and in such a situation your BP starts becoming normal. So those who have a complaint of high BP must consume amla during pregnancy.

Hemoglobin level remains fine

Vitamin C in amla is very important for the absorbency of iron, so it keeps your hemoglobin level right. You do not complain of diseases like anemia. If you have a problem of swelling in hands and feet during pregnancy, then consuming gooseberry is very helpful in fighting your swelling and the problem of swelling starts reducing.

Risk of diabetes reduces

Many women become more at risk of diabetes in the second trimester of pregnancy. So if you consume gooseberry from the early stages of pregnancy, then the antidiabetic properties of gooseberry work to keep you away from the risk of diabetes.

How many gooseberries in a day

In this article, we also get to know how many gooseberries you have to consume in a day during pregnancy. Eat raw gooseberry but it should be fresh. It will give you benefits only when you consume it in limited quantity, that is, do not consume more than two gooseberries in a day. And if possible, you should eat gooseberry only in a gap of one day.

If it is winter, then you have to reduce the intake of gooseberry, because sometimes it can cause sore throat. Many times coldcough  are also caught by citrus fruit like amla, although the antioxidant immunity obtained from Amla improves immunity.

If you want, you can also take gooseberry powder during pregnancy. You have to consume 4 (four) grams or about one small spoonful of amla powder mixed in warm water or just like that during this time.

Raw gooseberries are easily available in the market, but many times we start drinking gooseberry packed juice for convenience. But the packaged juices contain preservatives and sugar. So try to make it at home. You can consume gooseberry juice after extracting it directly or you can consume gooseberry directly. If you drink 5-10 ml of gooseberry juice daily at home, then it is sufficient.

Do not eat cooked amla

Keep in mind, if Amla is cooked and eaten, then all the properties of Amla will be destroyed. Thats why gooseberry should never be boiled or consumed after cooking it. You can consume it raw or by extracting its juice or you can also eat steamed amla, it is very beneficial.

You can also eat Amla in the form of pickle and salad. Apart from this, in many vegetables like Kadi, Sambhar or if you are making Korma, then in all these dishes you can use amla.

Disadvantages of overeating

Keep in mind that if you consume more than two gooseberries in a day, then you may get diarrhea. You may have indigestion and also you are at risk of dehydration during pregnancy. Amla is of cold nature, it is of cold effect, so if you are suffering from cough then do not consume Amla.

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