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5 Tips For Monsoon Season During Pregnancy – Avoid these mistakes in rainy season

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We all love monsoon season and we all like to take shower in the monsoon in the rain. But if you are pregnant, there are few things that you should keep in your mind when it is the monsoon or the rainy season. In this article you will know what are the precautions and care you need to take in rainy season during pregnancy.

Tips for rainy season during pregnancy

1.Drink Boiled Water : During monsoon season there is lots of probability of the bacterial presence inside the water. The probability of the germination increases during monsoon season. So it is always good that you or boiling the water, let it cool down or you can drink it warm.This is very much important.

You should always keep in your mind that you are not drinking water directly taking it from any source even if you are taking it from R.O. Water Purifier System. You should boil it first before drinking.

It is very much important that you are keeping yourself hydrated. Now during monsoon you feel less thirsty. So you might be missing on drinking water. But it is very much important that during monsoon season as well you are drinking at least three litres of water per day. 

2.Diet : You should be taking the balance diet.Make sure that you are not including green leafy vegetables during monsoon season because they are more prone to have bacteria, worms and germs.

So the green leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander, cabbage should be avoided because they are a very good ground for the germination.

The most important is whatever you are eating make sure it has been cooked properly.If you are eating salads make sure that you are eating it just after washing and cutting.Do not keep the salad for long time because keeping anything that has already been cut for long time will invite germs and the bacteria.The chances are three folds in the monsoon season.

3.Personal Hygiene : The humidity is very much high during monsoon season. You may feel this humidity problem and it could lead to itching or other skin related problem. It can make you uncomfortable so it is always good that you are wearing clothing that are loose enough. It is good for you if you can change your undergarments twice a day.

During monsoon season it is bit difficult for the clothes to dry properly and they can also be a good ground for the bacterias.So make sure that whatever you are wearing it is dried up properly. You should not be wearing anything that is damp because it will invite skin irritations.

 4. Protection from mosquitoes: During monsoon season, make it sure that you are turning on the mosquito repellant machines before sleeping because this time the probability of dengue and  malaria mosquitoes are very quite high.

If you can use the mosquito net it is very good and a natural way to safeguard yourself from mosquitoes.

5. Exercise : Regular exercise are very good. During monsoon season if it’s raining outside,  it is quite impossible to go out for the exercise or for the walking. You can do it indoor. It is also good because the condition outside is bit slippery so you can fall. Still if you are going out make sure that you are wearing shoes with good friction.

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