6 Symptoms of Progressive Baby Development in Womb During Pregnancy

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In this article, you will know some of the symptoms that ensure that your pregnancy is going healthy. The baby inside the womb is at comfortable situation and the growth and development of baby is just appropriate with time.

Increased visit to toilet

The number one symptom about your healthy pregnancy is your increased visit to the toilet. If you are urinating more you have to visit the toilet more and more times, this frequent urination is a big indicator that healthy pregnancy is making the body fluids to rise and so your kidney has to do more work.

Apart from this when the baby is developing inside the womb, the uterus is also expanding and it is pressurizing the bladder and due to these all things you feel like urinating more. So if this is happening to you this is a very good sign of a healthy pregnancy.

Fatigue, exhaustion or tiredness

Fatigue, exhaustion or tiredness you may experience all throughout the 40 weeks of the pregnancy. This is all due to the hormonal changes as well as the baby’s growth inside the womb.

You have to carry more weight you get tired easily, you often feel like lying down again and again. So if your fatigue level has increased this also shows that your pregnancy is going healthy.

Vomiting and Morning Sickness

Morning sickness this is quite important symptom you would feel in initial months and it is a big sign of your healthy pregnancy morning sickness is again caused by a special hormone that is building up and that is known as GDF15, that is, Growth Differentiation Factor 15 and due to this hormone you feel like vomiting and morning sickness is also there.

Due to this morning sickness you may be deviating from some of the food items and it is happening naturally so that you do not eat anything wrong at this time. So keep your diet very simple. Healthy, less spicy, less oily only food you should eat to counter morning sickness problem.

Vomiting is a big indicator that your pregnancy is going healthy and your baby is at low risk of miscarriages and other birth defects. This also ensures that the baby will not be delivered prematurely that means the baby’s brain and the lungs will be developed properly. The IQ of the baby will be better. So if you are experiencing morning sickness it is a big sign that your pregnancy is going healthy.

Tenderness and the enlargement of breast

Next big symptom about the healthy pregnancy is tenderness and the enlargement of your breast. This is happening due to the pregnancy hormones like progesterone and the estrogen hormones. These hormones are very important hormones of pregnancy.

These hormones are changing their levels in your body and due to which the structure of the breast tissues are also changing very rapidly. The resultant effect is more of the blood volume to your breast. Also the milk starts producing during pregnancy in your body.

Your body is preparing for the lactation, that is, the process of the milk production in mother so as to breastfeed the baby after the delivery. It is quite strange to note that this can happen in first trimester as well.

These hormones can stimulate your pituitary gland and so the production of prolactin will start and that will result in the lactation that is the production of milk. This time you may face the problem of leakage of milk like liquid from your breast.

These all changes will make your breast tender and enlarged.  This is nothing but a sign of a healthy pregnancy.

Vaginal discharge

Next symptom of healthy pregnancy is vaginal discharge. The hormone responsible for vaginal discharge is estrogen hormone. Due to this vaginal discharge you may feel the wetness in the vaginal area.

This is happening to protect your cervix from any sort of the infections. But make it sure that this vaginal discharge should be odorless, should be colorless or whitish, you should not have any burning sensation while urinating or after urinating.

There should be no swelling in the area, no redness, no itchiness and also your temperature should be normal,  there should be no fever.  So if you are experiencing this of vaginal discharge this is considered a sign of a healthy pregnancy.

Heartbeat of baby

Now the last symptom is the heartbeat of the baby. This is a very important symptom and you should be able to hear the heartbeat of baby within the right weeks, that is, between the fifth to eighth week of the pregnancy.

This is an important sign you must see as early as possible and normally this is seen between fifth to sixth week of the pregnancy. If your baby’s heartbeat has come between fifth to sixth week of the pregnancy and it is ranging between 110 to 160 BPM(beats per minute) it is considered to be a very good sign. That is your pregnancy is going healthy.

Apart from them, baby bump visibility by the end of 4th month of pregnancy and baby’s movement before 6th month ends are also good symptoms that baby is developing well inside womb

So these are the prominent six signs that you may notice during your pregnancy and this may be happening in some early time like in the first trimester. This is a big indicator that your pregnancy is going healthy, the baby is developing at the right pace and the baby is at lower risk of miscarriage, birth defects and preterm delivery.

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