Baby Aggressive Movements or Thumping Sound From Stomach During Pregnancy

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When it is the last trimester of pregnancy, during this time you suddenly feel different movements in your stomach and also in your uterus. Suddenly your stomach gets pushed, there is tightening in the stomach, you feel such things in the stomach which happen suddenly and then stop after some time.

Do you feel that this movement that has happened to you is behaving in a different way in the stomach or suddenly there is a strong jerk in your stomach.

Some pregnant women feel that their muscles have suddenly experienced severe pain. So why does this happen?

The uterus is a female genital organ located in the middle of a woman’s pelvis, behind the urinary bladder and in front of the rectum. Normally, when women do not conceive, the uterus at this time is 7.5 cm long and about 5 cm wide. If we talk about its thick layer, it is up to 2.5 centimeters.

pregnancy milk discharge from breast

Its shape is like that of a pear. Talking about weight, the weight of the uterus is between 30 to 50 grams. It is almost orange in colour.

So you have understood about its position and structure. Main thing comes after conceiving pregnancy, because the uterus plays the biggest role in pregnancy in which the fetus i.e. your child develops.

As soon as a woman conceives, the size of the uterus increases to no extent for some time. But after two and a half to three months of pregnancy, this uterus starts taking shape. So as the size of the fetus increases in the uterus, the uterus also starts expanding like a balloon.

Meanwhile, what happens is that during pregnancy, extra blood starts forming in the body of pregnant women, about 40 to 50 percent extra blood is produced in the body of pregnant women. In such a situation, the heart has to work harder to pump extra blood into the uterus, due to which the heart beat of pregnant women also starts increasing rapidly.

Now this uterus gradually grows and by the last stages of pregnancy, there is very little space left in your uterus for your baby to move. Or in other words, your child does not get enough space to move during this time.

labor pain

At this time, pregnant women are able to feel every movement of their baby because the baby is moving in one place during this time. So when the baby does not get any space to move, baby can give you strong kicks several times in his own position. Due to which you may feel pain in your muscles at times. At times you may feel a sharp jolt in your stomach and even at times you may feel a throbbing sound in your stomach.

Apart from this, due to the baby staying at one place for a long time, you may sometimes experience pain and discomfort at a particular place. So in this way, when there is no space for the baby to move in your uterus, then you can feel many types of movements of your baby during this period. Due to which sometimes you may get scared.

pregnancy me pait tight aur dard

When your child stays at one place for a long time and is uncomfortable with it, the baby gives you signals in many different ways. So you may feel a sharp shock, a tight stomach or a thumping sound at times.

All you have to keep in mind is that you have to keep tracking your baby’s movement. Movement means the baby is okay. If the movement reduces or does not occur at all, then it may be a matter of concern.

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