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Eating GUAVA During Pregnancy For Amazing Benefits To Baby In Womb

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This article is all about eating guava during pregnancy. What all the benefits you will get, why eating guava is of immense benefit not only for you but also for the developing baby inside the womb. Though this fruit has been neglected because of its cheap price but you will find in this article that it has got those property that you will not even get in most pricey fruits. Guava is a seasonal fruit and whenever it is in your market just do not skip eating them.

Nutritional value in guava

First of all we will start with the nutrients that you will find in guava. Guava is a fruit that has got immense antioxidant properties. It has got lots of fiber that is both insoluble and soluble fiber. Vitamin-C content in guava is tremendous. Guava has got property to keep your blood sugar level under control. It has got phosphorus which is again of too much importance during pregnancy for your bones, teeth and leg cramps problem. Okay now we will elaborate more on the benefits of eating guava.

Boost your immunity

As told that guava has rich content of Vitamin-C and vitamin-C is something that will boost up your immunity. Immunity during pregnancy is seen to be compromised so it has to be elevated by eating something and vitamin-C is something which will directly improve your immunity. You may face some problem like cold, cough and other infections during pregnancy. It is only due to your immunity that you can either keep these problems at bay or bail yourself out from all these problems. If you have a strong immunity then these things will not get stuck easily in your body.

Increases good cholesterol

Eating guava will decrease the bad cholesterol in your body and increase the good cholesterol. It is very good for your heart and blood vessels because Guava has got antioxidants which will keep the health of your heart good. As told that your cholesterol profile will be good, automatically the heart and its health will be fine.

Baby’s brain development

Magnesium and vitamin-A found in guava plays a very important part when the brain development, vision and the spinal cord of foetus is going on.

Gestational diabetes

Next benefit is in your gestational diabetes and it’s a very common problem that during pregnancy you have this problem of high blood sugar. Eating guava will regulate the level of sugar in your blood. Not only eating guava but it is also found out that if you are boiling the leaves of guava tree in a glassful of water and let it cool down and if you will drink it, it will also work on the problem of gestational diabetes. This is going to decrease the insulin resistant in your body and thereby the diabetes problem.


Guava is rich in iron and vitamin-c. Iron will help in building the haemoglobin in red Blood cells to carry oxygen. Proper oxygen supply is needed for the proper development of baby in womb. To keep off iron deficiency anaemia, eat guava for good intake of iron and vitamin-c. Note apart from vitamin-c to boost your immunity, it is also needed to absorb iron in your body. Both the elements are present in abundance in this lovely fruit guava.

Leg cramps

During pregnancy if you are having cramps in body or leg cramps, then you should also go for this guava drink that is made from  guava leaves. Apart from this eating guava will also relieve you of this problem as the phosphorus content that is present in guava is really very much helpful in relieving you from the problem of leg cramps.

Blood pressure

The phosphorus and potassium content in guava is also going to improve your blood pressure level. During pregnancy it is seen that the blood pressure is not regulated and the blood circulation is also hampered. So if you are eating guava on a regular basis during pregnancy, this problem can also be taken care of.

Stomach disorders, acidity and bloating

Guava can improve your digestion because it has got soluble and insoluble fibers. The fiber content in the fruit is very good and it will resolve the problem of indigestion,  bloating, gas, acidity. All these problems which are almost related to your stomach disorders can be resolved when you are eating guava. The calorie content in the guava is less so it will not increase your weight as well.

Skin problems

Guava also have the property of blood purification. So the quality of blood will improve and the problem that is usually seen during pregnancy like wrinkles, the blackening of your skin, the pimples, these all things can be reduced to a high extent when you are eating guava in pregnancy.


Guava is also a good solution if you are having the problem of cough. Too much of medicine during pregnancy is not considered good. So if you are having the problem of cough then the guava is a very good solution. For this you have to take a unripe green guava,  it should be hard,  cut it into four pieces add salt in between and cook this guava on the stove. Actually you have to roast the guava from all the sides and when it is roasted from all the sides just remove the black skin. Let the guava cool down a little bit so that you can eat it. It should not be cold because if you are eating cold guava then that is of no benefit. But it should not be that much hot to burn your mouth.

Correct way of eating

What is very much important that how you are eating guava. Because normally we are eating guava and there are seeds in it. Make it sure that when so ever you are eating guava try not to chew the seeds. Let the seeds go in your stomach unbroken. Because if you are chewing the seeds then in this case you will not get the complete properties of eating guava. We understand that it is quite difficult to segregate the flesh of the guava and the seeds but just try as much as you can.


  1. Ideally you should not over eat anything during pregnancy. Likewise restrict the consumption of guava to max 2 guava per day. This will be enough for you to get all the benefits and for the development of baby in womb. More than that may invite stomach irritation, your stomach can be upset as well.
  2. Do not eat raw guava as it is not good to digest and also not good for your teeth.
  3. Wash guava properly before eating to remove traces of pesticides sprayed during cultivation.

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