14 October Solar Eclipse and Pregnancy Rules – Do’s and Don’ts While Being Pregnant

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Solar eclipse and pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant women have to take very careful steps. During the entire nine months, whether it is about the food habits of pregnant women or about the baby in the womb, pregnant women themselves become very conscious.

But if we talk about any astronomical event like an eclipse, then pregnant women should be very cautious even during the eclipse because the effect of the eclipse is most seen on pregnant women. It is believed that when an eclipse occurs, its effect lasts for one hundred and eight days after the eclipse. In such a situation, it is possible that the negative effects of the eclipse may affect pregnant women somewhere, hence pregnant women should be very cautious during this period. This article is based on beliefs of hindu mythology for pregnant women during eclipse. Make note its a matter of belief and religion and not scientifically proven.

How does a solar eclipse occur

So in this month of October, solar eclipse is happening again which is going to happen on 14th October. Solar eclipse on 14th October is the second solar eclipse of the year and the last solar eclipse is going to happen. Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon which, from scientific point of view as well as according to astrology, can sometimes have a negative impact on human life, hence everyone is told to be alert during the eclipse period. When a solar eclipse occurs, the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and whenever the Moon covers the Sun, a solar eclipse occurs.

Effect of solar eclipse

During this time, extremely polluted waves spread in the atmosphere which can have a bad effect on you and the baby in your womb. In such a situation, pregnant women are asked to take many precautions during the eclipse period. Because it is said that if pregnant women do not take precautions during the eclipse period, then it has a very bad effect on the unborn child and when the child is born, many types of diseases can be seen in it. Therefore, pregnant women must follow the rules of the eclipse period during this period.

Solar eclipse precautions

  • During the eclipse period, it is said that pregnant women should never view the eclipse with naked eyes. Be it a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, the rays emanating at this time can directly cause problems to the baby in your womb.
    It is said that if you see the eclipse with naked eyes, your child may be born with red spots or the child may be born mentally retarded. So, pregnant women should stay indoors during the eclipse period and should not go out.
  • Talking about food and drink, pregnant women should be very cautious about eating and drinking during this period and should not cook during this period. If there is some leftover food in the house from earlier, then add basil(tulsi) leaves in it so that the food does not get contaminated. You have to add basil leaves in the water you are drinking and only then consume this water because antioxidants and antibiotics are found in basil.
  • Do not use knives, sharp objects etc. in the kitchen. Vegetables are not to be cut. One should not do the work of cutting vegetables at all because there is an old belief that if you use a knife, sew or hold a needle and thread during this time, then these sharp and pointed things will get stuck somewhere during this time. It can cause problems to your baby in your home. It is said that using such things can damage your child’s body parts during this period. So you should take care of this thing.
  • For your safety, you must keep a coconut near you in your room to avoid these negative energies. This is what protects the baby in your womb. Therefore, during the eclipse period, you sit with a coconut. When the eclipse is over, throw this coconut in a nearby drain or river or bury it somewhere under the soil. Or one more thing you can do is take a black or yellow colored thread of your height, cut it and hang it near the door or window. So even in such a situation it is said that the negative rays do not reach you. If you want, you can also apply a paste of sandalwood, kusha grass or basil on your stomach during this time. This also protects you a lot.
  • You are prohibited from sleeping during the eclipse period, in such a situation you can chant mantras while sitting in your room. You can recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra during solar eclipse. Can chant mantras related to Sun God. To avoid the evil eye of Rahu and Ketu, you can chant related to them.

As Solar eclipse ends

Now what do you have to do after the solar eclipse ends? You have to take a bath, change the clothes you are wearing. Sprinkle Ganga water in the house so that the still polluted waves in your house and around the house can be eliminated and the house can be purified. And you must sprinkle Ganga water on yourself also. See, you must take these precautions because solar eclipse or lunar eclipse keep coming after a few months.

Timings of solar eclipse

Let us talk about the timing of the solar eclipse which started on October 14. The Timings are as per Indian Standard Time that is IST. So convert as per your timezone if needed.

It will start at 8:33 pm on October 14 and will end at 2:25 am. Now you might be thinking that this is a solar eclipse, so why is it not happening at night?  This eclipse is not taking place in India, hence the timing of this eclipse is in night here. This eclipse is not taking place in India, hence its Sutak will not take place. Sutak starts exactly 12 hours before the Sun reaches the surface of the planet.

Solar eclipse in india

You have nothing to fear about the solar eclipse occurring on October 14. If you follow these rules and precautions especially during this time, you can get peace of mind. Or if you are of very religious nature, if you are of very religious nature then follow these while adopting these precautions.

Solar eclipse visibility

These eclipse friends are visible in North America, Canada, British Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Argentina, United States, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, South and Central America and most of the Earth’s Western Hemisphere. So you don’t have to worry too much about what precautions you take or don’t take. If you are in India then just do not go out of the house during the eclipse period and do not view the eclipse with naked eyes.

Topics covered: What precautions should pregnant women take during solar eclipse? The solar eclipse on October 14 will be visible in some parts of the world. What will be the time in India and whether women have to take any special precautions during pregnancy or not.

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