Lunar Eclipse 2023 Time and Date in India – 28 October or 29 October 2023 ?

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Lunar Eclipse 2023 Time and Date in India

Two eclipses are taking place in October 2023. Recently there was a solar eclipse on 14th October. But this solar eclipse was not seen in India, hence its Sutak will also not be valid. But now in the last days of October, another eclipse will take place which will be a lunar eclipse that is chandra grahan(Chandra grahan 2023 date and time tonight). This eclipse becomes special because of many things. First of all this lunar eclipse will take place in India. Secondly, this eclipse will be the last eclipse of the year. And the third thing is that this eclipse is falling within 15 days of the second eclipse. In such a situation, the importance of this lunar eclipse becomes even greater. It is very important to take measures to avoid the harmful effects of the eclipse. Although everyone should do these measures, but pregnant women should definitely do these measures.

Exact date of lunar eclipse- 28 October or 29 October

Is the lunar eclipse on October 28 or October 29? There is some confusion about this October’s lunar eclipse and its timing. Some people are thinking about 29th October and some people are thinking about 28th October. Let us solve all your dilemmas and problems.

Understand how special this last lunar eclipse is

See, the timing of this eclipse is such that it will start on 28th October but will end on 29th October. Because the date when its effect will start will be 28th October and when its effect will end it will be 29th October. This eclipse is going to happen at night and we know that its form changes at 12 o’clock in the night.
Let us understand its timing, only then you will be able to understand whether this lunar eclipse is on 28th or 29th.


Timings of 28 to 29 October Chandra Grahan

Sutak period of lunar eclipse starts 04:05 PM 28 Oct 2023
Rare shadow entry of lunar eclipse 11:32 PM 28 Oct 2023
Touch of lunar eclipse 01:05 AM 29 Oct 2023
Middle of lunar eclipse 01:44 AM 29 Oct 2023
Salvation of lunar eclipse 02:23 AM 29 Oct 2023
End of lunar eclipse 03:56 AM 29 Oct 2023

At the end of the eclipse, the Sutak period will also end.

NOTE: This time is according to Indian Standard Time (IST). If you are in a time zone other than India, please convert the IST time as per your region.

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Where last chandra grahan of 2023 will be visible 

This eclipse will occur from October 28 to October 29 and will be visible in India (29 October Chandra Grahan Visible in India). For this reason its Sutak will also be valid.

Apart from India, this lunar eclipse will be visible in the Indian Ocean, Europe, Africa, Australia, entire Asia, Antarctica, Southern Pacific Ocean, South-Eastern America, North Eastern region of North America.

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